Doing Business In China: An Increased EHS Regulatory Compliance Challenge

Decades ago, the China National Government provided various preferable conditions to attract foreign investment and technology, while environmental considerations were largely ignored. Economic growth was the priority. Now, foreign investors may have felt a wind of change. Under the advocacy for "ecological civilization" and "beautiful China", environmental protection laws have become (and are becoming) stricter and enforcement agencies are now much stricter with companies if they do not comply with environmental laws. Many companies have been impacted by the massive enforcement campaign started in 2017 and there are already examples of some having suffered a broken supply chain as a result. For example, in September 2017, a German auto components manufacturer pleaded to the local government to stay an environmental law penalty imposed on its upstream supplier after it claimed to have suffered huge economic loss due to the enforcement action. In the past five years, numerous new environmental protection regulatory measures have emerged, and the Government has stuck to its legislative and enforcement plan at a steady pace. Thus, where previously the challenge of doing business in China was the lack of, or lagging-behind 
of, effective regulations and enforcement, the current challenge is China's pursuit of building a 'socialist rule of law'. When you combine "western" experiences with China's socialist characteristics you result in the compliance complexity caused by dynamic regulatory changes and Chinese characteristics. 
This webinar will cover topics such as: 
- Dynamic Regulatory Changes 
- Differences Between National and Regional Legal Systems 
- How Policy Documents Affect Legislation 
- The Impacts of Increased Environmental Enforcement in China 
- The Belt and Road Initiative 

Ellen Zhang, Expert Services Manager, Enhesa 
Elaine Ye, EHS Regulatory Expert, Enhesa 
Taotao Yue, EHS Regulatory Expert, Enhesa