Global Compliance Challenges in “Low Risk” Environments

Are you aware of the health and safety regulations impacting your offices, warehouses and other non-manufacturing facilities? Do you have policies and procedures in place to deal with infractions or accidents in non-manufacturing locations? Are you prepared to pay the fines and penalties associated with transgressions of such regulations?

Many companies understand the issue of EHS compliance with regard to manufacturing sites; but have not fully addressed the primary Health and Safety issues of their non-manufacturing (offices and warehouses) sites. Although considered a lower-risk concern, health and safety incidents still occur in non-manufacturing environments and many countries are increasing their regulatory attention and enforcement practices in this area. Best-in-class companies know it is an area that requires a compliance process, but one that is different than that used for manufacturing sites.

This webinar addressed the EHS risks and challenges in offices and other non-manufacturing locations, while also demonstrating how to assure compliance in such settings around the world.

Topics explored include:

  • Perceptions and concerns of EHS Managers on non-manufacturing compliance
  • Key differences between auditing a non-manufacturing facility versus an industrial site
  • Identification of common high risk non-compliance issues with examples of enforcement cases
  • EHS issues, notable requirements and challenges
  • Solutions to managing EHS compliance in non-manufacturing facilities - including a presentation by guest speaker and GE EMEA EHS Leader, Peter Tayar-Watson, on GE Real Estate's non-manufacturing compliance



Tjeerd Hendel-Blackford, Business Development Manager EMEA at Enhesa
Peter Tayer-Watson, EHS Leader Europe/Russia/CIS at General Electric