Global Regulatory Enforcement Trends: More Complex than Dollars and Cents

EHS enforcement is more than just dollars and cents or jail time for the head honchos of big companies. Rather, enforcement is a complex tool that varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction and hinges on a number of factors, including politics, economics, culture, and local environmental and working conditions. In this webinar, we explore four trends in enforcement based on Enhesa’s global monitoring:
•    Published agency enforcement plans
•    Alternatives to traditional administrative enforcement
•    Publicity of noncompliance
•    Criminal enforcement


Jillian Bernstein, Senior Audit and EHS Regulatory Consultant at Enhesa.
Jillian specializes in both U.S. & Canadian laws at the federal, state & provincial levels. Her work involves monthly monitoring of regulatory developments and analyzing their impact on multinational clients, as well as developing & maintaining compliance tools such as audit protocols, regulatory guides, & lists of legislation. Jillian also works as a senior audit consultant where she helps plan, organize & execute EHS audits globally. This past year, Jillian took on the role of auditor, covering EHS issues for various facilities, such as chemical plants, pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, packaging & distribution centers, automobile manufacturing facilities, and agricultural operations. Jillian received a J.D. & M.A. degree in Environmental Law & Policy from Vermont Law School, and a B.A degree in Environmental Studies from Binghamton University. She is licensed to practice law in New York.

Christian Petrangelo, Senior EHS Regulatory Consultant at Enhesa.
Christian specializes in U.S. EHS law and advises multinational clients on the environmental regulatory compliance obligations of their manufacturing operations & products. He holds a J.D. degree specializing in environmental law from Vermont Law School, a M.S. in Environmental Policy & Regulation from the London School of Economics, and a B.A. from Middlebury College. Christian is licensed to practice law in Massachusetts.