Mexico: Mitigating Human Capital Risks and Occupational Health Challenges

This webinar will be a comprehensive guide for foreign organizations operating in Mexico. With a population of over 124 million, Mexico is the second largest economy in Latin America and the largest Spanish-speaking country in the world. Culturally and geographically diverse, the country is a chosen destination for foreign companies looking to invest and operate in. 

On Thursday, 22 February 2018, join experts from INTERNATIONAL SOS and ENHESA to learn how to mitigate the occupational health challenges that currently exist in Mexico. This webinar will review the current occupational health landscape and provide practical guidance on how to protect your workforce.

Attendees can expect to be given valuable insights on the following key topics:
  • Occupational Health Landscape and Quality of Occupational Health Services
  • Occupational Health and Safety Legal Framework
  • Challenges of the Occupational Health Scenario
  • Best Practices for Protecting your Workforce