REACH: 2018 and Beyond

Whether you are well-versed in chemical regulations or brand new to the field- you can't afford to miss Enhesa's upcoming webinar on November 14 & 16, 2017.
During the webinar, Enhesa's Head of Product Stewardship, Catarina Olagnier-Hastesko, will go over:

  • A quick guide on REACH
  • What is happening around EU REACH at the moment, including: new guidance on substances in Articles, new upcoming anti-poison Centre notification, 2018 registration deadline etc
  • An update on the “spread of REACH” in the world, including some interesting comparisons and examples of differences
  • An overview of upcoming issues

During the registration process, you will have the ability to ask specific questions that might be answered at the end of the webinar during the Q&A session. 

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With 11+ years of experience in product stewardship, Catarina Olagnier-Hastesko is the Head of the Product Stewardship team at Enhesa. Ms. Olagnier-Hastesko is a Swedish lawyer with a LLM from both the College of Europe in Belgium and from the University of Lund in Sweden.