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A Guide to Operating and Investing In India

Investing and Operating in India?
Learn to Mitigate Occupational Health Risks & Meet Regulatory Compliance

This complimentary publication is a collaboration between Enhesa and International SOS. 

India, a growing economy and the world’s largest democracy, has a population exceeding 1.2 billion. The industrial and corporate presence in India has shifted its focus on occupational health practices both from a compliance and a duty-of-care perspective.

Over the past few years, the country has seen several changes in its social, political and environmental conditions, and businesses are required to adapt to these changes. Healthcare trends in India have been and remain consistent with challenges other emerging countries face.

This paper will address the current health landscape and summarize the occupational health and safety (OHS) regulations and requirements that organisations must respect in India for legal and reputational reasons.

Doing Business In China

Businesses Operating In China Have Felt A Wind of Change

In the past five years, numerous new environmental protection regulatory measures have emerged, and the Chinese National Government has stuck to its legislative and enforcement plan at a steady pace. Where previously the challenge of doing business in China was the lack of, or lagging-behind of, effective regulations and enforcement, the current challenge is China's pursuit of building a 'socialist rule of law'. When you combine 'western' experiences with China's socialist characteristics you result in the compliance complexity caused by dynamic regulatory changes and Chinese characteristics. This publication will cover:

  • the differences between National and Regional legal systems
  • where legislation in China often derives from
  • the fundamental shift in approach
  • the impacts of increased environmental enforcement in China
  • The Belt and Road Initiative

Climate Change Timeline

Enhesa tracks climate change regulations and policies so you know how they could impact your business. Our timeline shows major developments worldwide. Looking at developments in the context of a timeline shows how initiatives in one part of the world can influence both the initiation and the substance of requirements and polices elsewhere.

Investing and Operating in Mexico? Learn to Mitigate Occupational Health Risks & Meet Regulatory Compliance

This complimentary publication is a collaboration between Enhesa and International SOS

With the increasing opportunities for organizations to invest and operate in Mexico, it also brings forth challenges in mitigating occupational health risks. In 2016 there were 1,408 registered fatalities – 986 of those were work-related accidents, 399 were accidents on the way to or from work, and 23 resulted from occupational diseases. The states with a higher number of fatalities were: the State of Mexico, Jalisco, and Veracruz. In order to prevent these incidents, organizations need to plan efficiently, not only regarding logistics but also for the complex occupational health standards and compliance that exist in the country. This document provides a framework of Mexico’s occupational health challenges, regulations, requirements and best practices in order for organizations to protect their workforce

Legal Compliance as part of EHS Management Systems Excellence

Does adopting an EHS Managment System improve your environmental/safety performance?
Joint white paper with Gensuite


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