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The simplified science of chemical management compliance

To achieve chemical management compliance, manufacturers must manage a matrix of strict, region-specific regulations to protect against harmful misuse & substances.

What is chemical management and what does it include?

Chemical management involves obligations for not only what companies produce but also how they place products on the market. Our inclusive coverage and in-depth guidance help companies stay on top of this wide range of regulations, including classification, labeling, packaging, testing, marketing and import/export.

Full-circle compliance support for the entire product life cycle

We help you keep track – and on top of – key chemicals issues everywhere you operate. Leverage our expansive expertise to meet increasing regulations around the world, such as the Chemicals Inventory Act and GHS implementation, as well as to understand substance restrictions and prohibitions specific to individual locations.

How can we help you

New and existing chemicals classification and notification

Be aware of risk assessment criteria, details for classification, anti-poison center locations and reporting requirements.


Packaging and labeling

Identify and address requirements on what is necessary to include for fully compliant products.


Use and marketing restrictions and prohibitions

Keep communications compliant with restrictions on using chemicals or placing them on the market.


Material safety data sheets

Know when to provide and update a MSDS – and what to include in it.

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Global coverage and expert guidance for chemical management compliance

Expansive topic coverage

from product to placement

In-depth expert insights

into bans and obligations

Specialized expertise

in your locations’ laws

Advanced monitoring

of key compliance trends
Eliminate blind spots across your business

Meet changing compliance requirements for operations and beyond with tailored advice on a wide range of up and coming regulations, including legal labeling, nanoforms on safety data sheets, and applicable reporting requirements.

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Be clear on risk, restrictions and registration

Understand safe uses in specific countries, risk assessment requirements, drug precursor precautions and what banned substances to look for in your equipment – through easy-to-understand guidance from the experts.

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Ensure compliance everywhere you do business

Achieve compliance at every site, leveraging in-house legal knowledge in over 300 jurisdictions, including import/export permit conditions, persistent organic pollutants restrictions and prescribed refrigerants prohibitions.

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Stay compliant – and ahead of the curve

Keep up to date on compliance issues, as you keep an eye on emerging and evolving compliance trends, policies and legislation, such as which countries are establishing the chemicals inventory and implementing GHS.

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