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Corporate Social Responsibility

Today, Corporate Social Responsibility calls companies to help build a more sustainable society. Yet doing so requires a clear roadmap to move from well-intentioned initiatives to effective efforts.

What is Corporate Social Responsibility and how does it relate to ESG?

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) refers to a company’s efforts to increase accountability in its business, responsibility in its actions and transparency in its operations. An effective CSR strategy enhances a company’s impact on employees, consumers, the environment and the global community, helps increase its reliability and can even improve its bottom line. 

More and more, investors and shareholders are considering a company’s social impact on the world as part of their risk-growth analysis, using Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria to rate their CSR strategy and assess their value. In line with the increasing importance of these ESG ratings, which instill precise metrics for measuring corporate social contributions, CSR is a fundamental first step to obtaining funding and leveraging other growth opportunities through non-financial factors. 

Build trust, raise awareness and encourage positive social change

Protect our world while protecting your corporate reputation with a best-in-class CSR program built on the world’s foremost legislative frameworks. Through easy-to-understand, easy-to-apply CSR best practices, we help you organize and optimize your initiatives to address the century’s leading business concerns. 

How can we help you

Community involvement and consumer issues

Engage on a deeper level with standards for consumer and community support, such as social investment, respect for property, sustainable consumption and consumer dispute resolution.


Extended environmental protection

Step up your social contribution with steps to address global environmental issues with a wider impact, such as energy, biodiversity as well as climate change mitigation and adaptation.


Diversity in the workplace

Protect minority groups and promote inclusion with proven methods for ensuring non-discrimination, equal opportunity, gender equality, minority group rights and preventing workplace harassment.


Ethical governance and anti-corruption

Ensure moral business management with essential ethical practices, including disclosure policies, responsible investment, proper wages, anti-bribery measures and responsible taxation.


Employee freedoms and advocacy

Fully support your workforce with a full understanding of principles for freedom of association, collective bargaining, grievance mechanisms and whistleblowing policies.


Human rights assessment

Understand the details of human rights due diligence, the business duty to respect human rights, business responsibility in conflict-affected and fragile environments as well as protect against forced and child labor.

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Corporate Social Responsibility best practices for a better world

CSR standards

across the globe

Global phrasing

for easy implementation

Standardized content

for seamless CSR efforts

Ready-to-apply requirements

to kick-start reporting
Be confident in your CSR initiatives

Build your best CSR program on best practices from the world’s foremost legislative frameworks – including the European Union and the United Nations – and leading CSR instruments such as the Global Reporting Initiative and IS0 26000.

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Apply anywhere, at any point of the value chain

Make a positive impact around the world and across your entire business with requirements you can leverage in any company, in all operations globally and at every point along the value chain – including those involving partners and suppliers.

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See and share the same CSR outlook, site to site

Get your entire organization on board, keep every site on track and build internal awareness across your business through a standardized way to communicate about your CSR initiatives, compare sites’ activities and monitor progress.

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Measure CSR efforts with meaningful metrics

Ramp up your ESG rating and gain more insight into the results of your CSR initiatives with expert guidance on and key requirements for creating non-financial CSR reports, specialized CSR standards and customized audits. 

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