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Waste management compliance: clean and simple

Compliant waste management programs play a key role in protecting our environment and preserving our resources. Yet as companies strive to be active participants in today’s circular economy, ever-increasing restrictions in this area can leave them out of the loop.

What is waste management compliance and what processes does it include?

Waste management compliance involves critical yet complicated regulations on the handling and disposal of universal, special and hazardous waste. To comply with tighter restrictions, rising taxes and stricter rules, companies need to maintain a clear yet comprehensive view of applicable requirements.

Close gaps for the circular economy with expert compliance insights

From permit conditions to compliant product packaging, our in-house experts help you identify obligations and eliminate blind spots in your waste management compliance. Meet legal requirements with in-depth issue analysis and industry-leading advice – all in one centralized global view.

How can we help you

General waste generation

Align with requirements for classification, permits, licensing, shipments, disposal, record-keeping and reporting as well as packaging, including take-back and recycle obligations.


Hazardous and special waste generation

Understand and comply with requirements for generators and holders of hazardous and special waste.


International waste shipment

Cross-check your cross-border transports with insights on these regulations and policies.


Waste disposal/contractors

Be aware of requirements for companies carrying out waste collection, transport, treatment and landfill activities as well those disposing of waste in their own landfills or incinerating on site.

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Waste management compliance support from definition to disposal

Obligation explanations

for on-site handling

Actionable insights

for offloading waste

Expert guidance

for tackling taxes
Stay on top of on-premise compliance

Be clear on what can be reused or recycled, how to maintain legally aligned record-keeping, and which criteria to include in reports with clear guidance on classifying, shipping and obtaining authorization for your waste.

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Carry out compliance – wherever waste goes

Stay in line with waste disposal do’s and don’ts. Adapt processes according to expert advice for compliant collection, transportation, and treatment of your waste – including leasing and landfill considerations.

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Avoid fees and uncover fiscal benefits

Keep an eye on costly non-compliance with clear explanations of changing tax considerations, such as increasing importation and incineration taxes as well as incentives for the reuse of industrial waste.

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