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We help global corporations make a real difference, protecting their collective with relevant, decisive measures to protect environment, health and safety – globally and locally.

A global mindset for global EHS management

Over the past 25 years, Enhesa has built an extensive knowledgebase of EHS and product regulatory content in more than 300 jurisdictions to provide actionable EHS requirements and product compliance guidance specific to your business. Our team of over 75 in-house legal experts translate regulatory data into clear and usable requirements in more than 30 local languages, helping businesses overcome communication barriers and understand the keys to compliance.

Our solutions

EXPLORE the EHS labyrinth

Research new regulatory landscapes or guide people into the complex EHS world.

Our solutions

ACT to achieve compliance now

Transform what you need to know into what you need to do with Compliance Intelligence you can put into action.

Our solutions

PLAN for future impact

Anticipate changes with expansive regulatory compliance monitoring – covering more than legislation.

Enhance EHS and product compliance management at every stage

EHS Compliance intelligence

The smartest way to ensure compliance – across all your sites, all in one tool. Mitigate risk and protect your corporate reputation with a centralized, standardized view of your global EHS management.

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EHS Regulatory forecaster

Your crystal ball for EHS compliance. See into the future of environmental, health and safety regulations and stay on top of evolving issues with a clear, centralized view of high-impact topics worldwide.

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Product compliance forecaster

Monitoring is only the beginning. Go beyond regulation watching with the keys to preparing your business for real-world impact. Anticipate risk with an extensive view and expert insights into product compliance regulations coming down the pipeline.

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Expert support services

EHS compliance support built for your business. Maximize results and move your compliance program forward with specialized guidance on assessment, roll-out and ongoing management.

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