Octavio Sambiase

ESS Manager


Octavio Sambiase has been part of Enhesa since 2019 and currently serves as ESS Manager. With a solid foundation in international and environmental law, and a master’s degree in public governance and development policies, Octavio brings a wealth of knowledge to his role. 

He is also a Certified Data Protection Professional, further enhancing his expertise in the field. 

Octavio’s commitment to excellence is evident through his Lead Auditor ISO 450001 Training Certification. This certification highlights his dedication to maintaining the highest standards in occupational health and safety. 

At Enhesa, Octavio uses his expertise to help clients design and implement strategies that ensure compliance with EHS laws. His work is vital in guiding organizations through complex regulations, promoting safer and more sustainable business practices. 

Octavio finds great satisfaction in understanding how regulations impact real businesses and staying up-to-date with regulatory changes. He continually seeks to understand and mitigate the impact of regulations on businesses, aiming to create a balance between economic growth and environmental responsibilities. 

When asked about his hopes and vision for the future, Octavio said, “Regulations are moving forward fast, and new and more modern concepts in the organization of work are being adopted. These changes generate challenges for companies and operators, requiring them to adapt to a dynamic environment. I think in the coming years, OHS will make a decisive shift towards a more objective-based approach, promoting employees’ wellbeing and a healthy work-life balance. Regarding environment and sustainability, energy transition and supply chain traceability will become the main topics of discussion, aiming to merge economic development with environmental and social protection.” 

Driven by his deep passion for the environment, sustainability, and nature protection, Octavio continues to make significant contributions at Enhesa, helping to shape a more sustainable and compliant future for businesses worldwide. 

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