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Regulatory compliance with the world in mind

We help corporations build a better world with EHS compliance services and support built for your business.

Enhesa: Your EHS compliance management partner

Enhesa is partner to multi-national corporations that want to help make the world a better place. We help our clients be true and trustworthy contributing members of society with comprehensive EHS and product compliance intelligence. Equipping them with essential regulatory knowledge on emerging and evolving EHS trends, we empower businesses to be relevant and resolute in taking care of the environment, health, and safety of their collective – globally and locally.

Building a better world through better business compliance

We strongly believe that all people have the natural intuition to preserve after our fellow men and women as well as the world we all live in. After decades of individuals taking a stand so that organizations will make a better world, it’s now time for businesses to take the lead. And we’re here to walk beside them. We help global corporations make a real difference, protecting their collective with relevant, decisive measures to protect environment, health and safety – globally and locally.

Discover our solutions

Our mission is to enable collaboration across the global regulatory ecosystem, empowering businesses to stay on top of EHS regulations and legal requirements. Fully aware of what compliance means today and ultimately prepared for what tomorrow may bring.

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Multi-level support for your multi-national compliance needs

Unified global approach

Consolidated and consistent

Seamless EHS coverage

Compliance on the long-term

Implementation insights

Enhanced EHS management
Compliance put into perspective

Our industry-leading approach to centralized, standardized global EHS and product compliance enables companies to establish common ground across their entire global business – ensuring site-to-site consistency and collaboration.

Full-circle support for full compliance

From onboarding to ongoing EHS management, our regulatory intelligence services and support help organizations keep on top of EHS regulations and keep teams on the same page.

Advice to advance your EHS program

We offer specialized guidance on optimizing global procedures, reporting, training, and resource management for seamless, successful compliance programs.