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Your research tool for daily compliance

Regulatory Baseline

Leverage full-text regulations & customizable alerts for EHS research, implementation of regulations, tracking changes, and creation of legal registers. 

UNDERSTAND the regulatory content wherever your business operates

Access full-text regulations, easily create legal registers, and track changes at the regulation or citation level. 

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Benefits of Regulatory Baseline


User customization

Set up profiles for your users for giving them the information that matters to them



Easily compare new and old versions of regulations


Legal Registers

Keep you up to date on legislation and changes to regulations that impact your business



Get emails anytime there are new final rules, proposed rules, emergency rules, and notices


Custom Search

Filter results by agency, title, jurisdiction, date, and more


On-call support

Get the most out of your regulatory baseline tools with free tool training and support

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Features of Regulatory Baseline for implementation of daily EHS compliance

Be prepared

Real-time email alerts

Comprehensive coverage

Full-text regulations


Compare regulatory changes

Customization Tools

Filter your view
Stay up to date on regulatory change

Users can setup daily emails to let them know anytime there are new final rules, proposed rules, emergency rules, and notices in the jurisdictions they care about.

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Complete library of NA regulatory content

Access to all 50 US Full Text Federal CFRs and all State Level Equivalents (for all 50 states, DC, PR), Canada and Mexico as well US Federal and State EHS guidance documents

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Review versions of regulations

Strikethrough tool allows easy comparison of new and old versions of regulations. Effortlessly see the amendment history of a regulation by comparing it with an earlier or future version.

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Setup individual preferences and profiles

User can easily set up custom views, saved searches, email notifications, and more. Users can also share alerts and profiles with others in your organization.

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Covering the widest scope of EHS issues in the most regions


Covered jurisdictions


In-house legal experts


Local languages

EHS Compliance contents and support

EXPLORE the EHS labyrinth

Research new regulatory landscapes or guide people into the complex EHS world.

EHS Compliance contents and support

ACT to achieve compliance now

Transform what you need to know into what you need to do with Compliance Intelligence you can put into action.

EHS Compliance contents and support

PLAN for future impact

Anticipate changes with expansive regulatory compliance monitoring – covering more than legislation.

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