Ensure EHS compliance across the globe

Compliance Intelligence

Global reporting meets local requirements. Mitigate risk and manage compliance worldwide with a standardized, centralized view – plus insights for every site.

Act to be compliant today – and sure of what’s happening worldwide

Compliance Intelligence empowers your team to meet EHS and sustainability requirements everywhere you operate – while seeing the bigger picture of compliance in your business.

Identify, understand and determine the applicability of global requirements. Monitor and report with more consistency – all while avoiding costly violations and adding real value with analysis you can put into action.

Plus, with Compliance Intelligence Insights, see where your company stands against baseline metrics, at both a corporate and a facility level, all backed by expert support, giving you an intuitive view of where you are now and what you need to focus on next.

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With Compliance Intelligence, you can…


Identify requirements

See the applicable legislation and requirements, all in one place.


Assess applicability

Support determinations of applicability with scopes and operational and jurisdiction-specific screening questions.


Report consistently

Use centralized, standardized global reporting to get a clearer view of your applicability and compliance per topic.


See what’s changed

Stay on top of updates (new requirements, major changes) with detailed notes and tracked changes at a requirement level.


Evaluate compliance

Use consistent, intuitive data, dashboards and reporting tools to see your compliance status.


Drive improvements

Identify gaps using reporting, benchmarking tools and the support of our Expert Services team.

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Look inside Compliance Intelligence

One central, global view

See site to site, side by side

Expertise for every site

Leverage local knowledge

Standardized reporting

Keep it consistent

Streamlined solution

Optimize operations
Manage risk with a global bird’s eye view

Get the regulatory content you need in a standardized format that provides both local insights and a global perspective. Find information quickly with easy-to-use overviews, intuitive filtering and search, and intuitive workflow management tools that make it simple to stay on top of requirements and changes.

ci-global view
Ensure EHS compliance in every location

Overcome language barriers and understand each site’s unique EHS obligations with precise guidance from our knowledgeable analysts – specialized in over 300 jurisdictions and over 30 different languages.

ci-local facility view
See EHS compliance from the same perspective

Facilitate communication, compare sites’ progress, and identify trends through standardized reporting with consistent metrics that mean the same thing to everyone, everywhere in your organization.

ci-heading screening
Mitigate risk while managing all the rest

Save time and resources with easy-to-understand regulatory content in an easy-to-use tool. Move forward faster with corporate overviews, “delegalized” EHS law descriptions, as well as advanced filtering and search options.

ci – requirement details

In-depth regulatory intelligence – in one easy-to-use dashboard


Covered jurisdictions


In-house legal experts


Local languages

See what you can save on compliance

Calculate your estimated ROI from working with us and find out how much you can save, while optimizing your goals. Identify and achieve your business’s specific compliance objectives with help from our knowledgeable team who is here to answer your questions, provide clear-cut quotes and give you an inside view into our solutions in one-on-one, no-obligation demos.

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Take the next step towards ensured compliance

Regulatory content and sustainability intelligence

EXPLORE legal landscapes

Get up to speed on essential compliance and enforcement topics for new locations – or to train teams – with easy-to-use guides.

Regulatory content and sustainability intelligence

PLAN your future EHS impact

Anticipate regulatory changes while there’s still time to adapt with extensive coverage of upcoming issues – even before they become law.

Regulatory content and sustainability intelligence

UNDERSTAND the regulatory context

Give local teams access to full-text regulations and citations, daily final rule changes and the power to track applicable legislation.