See how compliance works in each country

Regulatory Guides

Country-specific guides to get you up to speed. See how jurisdictions are regulated in a snap – whether scoping new sites, training teams, or prepping for audits. 

Explore what you need to know to expand your business and train your teams

Regulatory Guides cut straight to what’s most important in each countrywhether you want to expand operations into new jurisdictions or train new teams. From identifying potential risks to preparing audits or developing company policies, you can be confident as you kickstart the next evolution of your business.   

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With Regulatory Guides, you can…


Save time

Stop digging around online. Use our standardized approach to narrow-down info to the EHS topics most important to your business.


Know where to begin

Be clear on key authorities, how laws are classified and enforced, and the high-level requirements to comply with. All from the start.


Mitigate risks

Pinpoint high-risk issues for investing in new locations. Understand what your business needs and the next steps to get there.


Avoid knowledge gaps

Stay on top of what you need in an always up-to-date, AI-powered index of laws, proposals and policies.


Learn and train quickly

Familiarize with legal terminology, or get up-to-speed pre-audit. Train on cross-jurisdictional or cross-functional subject matters.


Involve more people in EHS

Easily onboard colleagues regardless of their background with compliance guides that read like a book.

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Look inside Regulatory Guides

Powerful search engine

Skip the guesswork

Transversal views

Filter & cross-compare

Integrated solution

Dive deeper into details

On top, on the go

Use them anywhere
Quickly go from questions to clear answers

The easy-to-use search guides you through the extensive database of worldwide regulatory EHS obligations, permitting issues authorities, and main evidentiary documentation. Find answers fast by jurisdiction or by topic – all universally standardized and comparable across the globe. 

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Research exactly what you want to know

Filter topics from standardized headers, add the countries you want to track – transversal views help you easily identify and compare the level of compliance across your business, across the globe. 

Click through for more context – and for what comes next

Starting from Regulatory Guides’ content, each topic links directly to relevant legislation and government websites. Integration with the Enhesa Regulatory Forecaster allows you to go further into what’s happening in each region – and to look ahead at upcoming impactful issues.  

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Keep it going with full-text and mobile-friendly guides

Regulatory Guides are ready when you are – wherever you are. Consult full-text info on your mobile and prepare for discussions on the go, heading to your next audit or discovery meeting at a potential site. Updated on a quarterly basis, the information stays at your fingertips to prepare the questions youll need to ask. 


Covering the widest scope of EHS issues in the most regions


Covered jurisdictions


In-house legal experts


Local languages

See what you can save on compliance

Calculate your estimated ROI from working with us and find out how much you can save, while optimizing your goals. Identify and achieve your business’s specific compliance objectives with help from our knowledgeable team who is here to answer your questions, provide clear-cut quotes and give you an inside view into our solutions in one-on-one, no-obligation demos.

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Take the next step in your compliance journey

Regulatory content and sustainability intelligence

ACT to achieve compliance now

See where you stand on global compliance and know exactly what’s required at each site with regulatory requirements you can put into action.

Regulatory content and sustainability intelligence

PLAN your future EHS impact

Anticipate regulatory changes while there’s still time to adapt with extensive coverage of upcoming issues – even before they become law.

Regulatory content and sustainability intelligence

UNDERSTAND the regulatory context

Give local teams access to full-text regulations and citations, daily final rule changes and the power to track applicable legislation.