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Our solutions empower you to address regulatory and sustainability challenges in a complex global landscape — protecting your business through better products, health and safety, and environmental processes.

We offer a range of services and solutions that help you make sense of sustainability and regulatory requirements.

Our expertise means that we can guide organizations through the ever-changing landscape of operational compliance, product regulations, and chemical sustainability so you can ensure the safety of your employees, consumers, communities, and the environment.

Equip your teams with the insights and guidance to understand not just what they should do, but how to do it – with customizable, bespoke options to complement your unique business needs, anywhere in the world.

Our 360° support

Meeting your sustainability goals doesn’t happen in silos.

We support you step-by-step with 360° regulatory and sustainability intelligence across your organization. With Enhesa, you can build a compliance program that meets your business needs today and helps you evolve tomorrow.


Four main solution pillars

We cover four primary regulation and compliance areas to help you maintain safer operations, products, chemicals and build a robust sustainability strategy.

EHS Intelligence solutions

EHS Intelligence solutions connect the dots so you’re confident that your business is — and stays — compliant with environmental, health and safety (EHS) requirements across the globe.

Our extensive knowledgebase of EHS and sustainability intelligence covers 300+ jurisdictions and is available in 30+ languages through standardized, centralized solutions — making it easy to manage and prepare for regulatory developments at the corporate and facility levels.

Regulatory content and sustainability intelligence

Compliance Intelligence

Mitigate risk and manage compliance worldwide with a standardized, centralized view that lets you customize insights for every site.

Regulatory content and sustainability intelligence

Regulatory Forecaster

Anticipate regulatory changes while there’s still time to adapt with extensive coverage of upcoming issues even before they become law.

Regulatory content and sustainability intelligence

Regulatory Baseline

Give local teams a direct source for daily compliance with full-text regulations, real-time change alerts, and customized views.

Regulatory content and sustainability intelligence

Regulatory Guides

Get up to speed on essential compliance and enforcement topics for new locations and train teams with easy-to-use guides.

Enhesa Product Intelligence solutions

Our extensive chemical regulatory intelligence, news, insights, and professional development services enable you to create products with more value, more safety, and better preparedness for the future.

Empower your product compliance professionals with reliable, unbiased regulatory intelligence that takes the stress out of compliance, with the most up-to-date chemicals management best practices — reducing your risk of costly regulatory action or loss of market access.

Regulatory content and sustainability intelligence

News & Insight

Get timely, in-depth news and insight with impartial, easy-to-understand coverage of business-critical developments.

Regulatory content and sustainability intelligence

Regulatory Database

Ensure constant market access for your products, reducing the risk of non-compliance with reliable, always up-to-date regulatory intelligence.

Regulatory content and sustainability intelligence

Professional Development

Continuously upskill your teams in accordance with industry trends and best practices with year-round access to conferences and training.

Sustainable Chemistry solutions

Enhesa Sustainable Chemistry solutions help you choose safer, greener chemicals in your products and processes — thanks to a better understanding of chemical hazards across your supply chain and longer-term alternatives.

Move your green chemistry initiatives forward with the most robust, reliable toxicological intelligence and chemical hazard assessments. Whether through screening for potential hazards, understanding risks in your supply chain, or sourcing essential toxicological data, our industry-leading platforms give you the insight you need to more efficiently protect your customers, your employees, your brand, and the environment.

Regulatory content and sustainability intelligence

ASSESS the hazards in your chemicals

Rapidly identify chemical hazards with on-demand screening against our extensive library, including 450+ RSLs and 4,500+ verified CHAs.

Regulatory content and sustainability intelligence

CONNECT with suppliers for better transparency

Identify hidden hazards in your supply chain by confidentially sourcing ingredient information from suppliers, all while protecting their proprietary information.

Regulatory content and sustainability intelligence

INNOVATE with the best chemicals for the future

Create safer products from the start and make informed R&D decisions with configurable screening tools and dashboards that make it simple to assess and compare chemicals.

Regulatory content and sustainability intelligence

RESEARCH the data behind chemical assessments

Search over 100 million documents from more than 1000 databases swiftly and seamlessly in the ToxPlanet platform, combining scientific, toxicological, and hazard information to inform your decisions regarding the safety impact of your chemicals.

Regulatory content and sustainability intelligence

RESPOND to data requests without sacrificing proprietary info

Get more information about how buyers are assessing your chemicals, with full access to your results and details about potential chemical hazards while protecting your confidential business information.

Regulatory content and sustainability intelligence

CERTIFY your products for chemical safety

Assure your buyers about the quality of your ingredients and formulations with recognized certifications that demonstrate a commitment to safer chemistry.

Corporate Sustainability solutions

Enhesa Corporate Sustainability solutions go beyond regulatory compliance, providing a strategic edge for building a strong and solid corporate sustainability program.  

Access a wealth of information and insights from over 400 international standards with Global Guidance and understand jurisdiction-specific regulatory requirements for manufacturing industries with Jurisdiction Compliance. 

With Compliance Intelligence and Regulatory Forecaster, you can comply with confidence and build audit trails to ensure accurate reporting. We offer a streamlined taxonomy with over 100 sustainability topics covered, and our experts have created The Enhesa Sustainability Blueprint – a unique list of requirements where global frameworks meet legal requirements to help you better understand your obligations. You can stay ahead with monthly updates on future developments and dive in deeper to better understand legal citations, ensuring your organization remains at the forefront of sustainability excellence.

Regulatory content and sustainability intelligence

Compliance Intelligence

An easy-to-use dashboard to help you clearly navigate compliance requirements for a wide range of critical subjects relevant to your company, including environmental impact, governance, and human rights – wherever you are in the world.

Regulatory content and sustainability intelligence

Sustainability Forecaster

Access to an expertly curated range of sustainability topics and associated legislation that equips you with the information needed to be prepared for regulatory change before it impacts your company. We give you clear, critical and concise information to support both your developing company polices and your compliance obligations in times of complexity and change.

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Our solutions are designed to complement one another to help you create the most effective and powerful EHS, ESG, and sustainability compliance program for your organization.

We specialize in understanding the ever-changing global landscape of operational compliance, product regulations, and chemical sustainability — providing businesses around the world with the information and insight needed to ensure the safety of employees, consumers, communities, and the environment.

Contact us today to arrange a consultation with our specialists and further explore how a bespoke combination of compliance solutions and services can meet your business needs.