INNOVATE with the best chemicals for the future

Create safer products from the start. Quickly screen and compare chemical alternatives with screening tools and dashboards that make it simple to develop safer products.

Proactive R&D to create safer products with confidence

SciveraLENS® helps you innovate safer new products from the beginning. Rather than relying solely on testing at the end of your development cycle, reduce your risk by understanding your chemicals at the outset.

Create your own lists based on your own concerns and priorities. Plus, see hazards at a glance with dashboards by screening against regulatory must-haves and key toxicological endpoints. Use our prebuilt SciveraLENS dashboard or build your own for a bespoke view.

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Understanding all chemicals used in a new process is really important because we don’t want to … start using something that may not be regulated right now but is just as bad as what it is replacing.

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Strengthen your R&D processes from the start

SciveraLENS lets your product development, sourcing, and toxicology teams work together and do more with less. This means you can be more proactive, save time and get products to market faster, all with the confidence that you can explore new materials or source from new suppliers without compromising on deadlines or safety.

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Take your next step towards sustainable chemistry

Regulatory content and sustainability intelligence

ASSESS the hazards in your chemicals

Rapidly identify chemical hazards with on-demand screening against our extensive library, including 450+ RSLs and 4,500+ verified CHAs, developed using our robust GHS+ process.

Regulatory content and sustainability intelligence

CONNECT with suppliers for better transparency

Identify hidden hazards in your supply chain by confidentially sourcing ingredient information from suppliers, all while protecting their proprietary information.

Regulatory content and sustainability intelligence

CERTIFY your products for chemical safety

Assure your buyers about the quality of your ingredients and formulations with recognized certifications that demonstrate a commitment to safer chemistry.