Screened Chemistry certification


Screened Chemistry is an innovative method of assessing, scoring, and certifying textile chemicals for human and environmental health characteristics. This rigorous certification program shows your company’s commitment to sustainable chemistry. Screened Chemistry certification is required by major brands like Levi Strauss & Co. and accepted by brands including H&M, Gap, and NIKE as their preferred method for selecting safer chemicals. By receiving a Screened Chemistry certification, you can show a clear advantage of your products over your competitors, protect and grow your brand, meet the sustainable chemistry goals for your and your clients’ businesses, and even gain business by utilizing the the Screened Chemistry-certified products list.

SciveraLENS supports your Screened Chemistry certification in the most cost-effective, efficient way by giving you the tools to preview your score before submitting and improve your formulations so you can sell more and differentiate yourself from the competition.

With SciveraLENS

  • Generate a Screened Chemistry certificate
  • Preview your Screened Chemistry score before moving forward with certification
  • Assess new and existing formulations
  • Find problematic chemicals
  • Identify safer alternatives
  • Improve your Screened Chemistry score
  • Market your chemicals to major brands
  • Meet your customer’s requirements

An intuitive interface makes screened chemistry certification simpler


SciveraLENS can help you with your Screened Chemistry certification by:


Gathering data


Previewing assessment results and scores


Improving products


Submitting results


Listing certified products

Scivera Screened Chemistry Products Registry

This table presents all valid Scivera-issued Screened Chemistry Certificates for textile chemical products. If you would like to have your chemical product(s) certified for Screened Chemistry, or if you have a question about any entry on this list, please contact Scivera at .

wdt_ID Product Name Company Name Scivera Certificate Number Effective Date Expiration Date Product Function Keywords LS&Co PCPL
7284 ANKA LYC PRO TANIM TEKSTIL DAN ITH HR VE DIS TIC LTD STI 202009-S769 21/09/2020 21/09/2023 Submitted
7285 Lava Con LSB (10093793) Dystar Colours Distribution GmbH 202009-S770 23/09/2020 23/09/2023 Submitted
7286 Lava Con LAC (10093118) Dystar Colours Distribution GmbH 202009-S771 24/09/2020 24/09/2023 Submitted
7287 Lava Cell NRM Conc Special (10084564) Dystar Colours Distribution GmbH 202009-S772 24/09/2020 24/09/2023 Submitted
7288 CATALYST IND/J Officina+39 (Techna Italia SRL) 201809-158 24/09/2018 24/09/2023 Catalyst Submitted
7289 Anti Back Staining Soap Oil Dongguan Taiyang Textile Chemicals Co, Ltd 201810-159 04/10/2018 04/10/2023 soap oil or detergent Submitted
7290 REWIN FSN CHT Germany GmbH 202010-S773 05/10/2020 05/10/2023 Fastness improvement for direct and reactive dyeings) Submitted
7291 ASUPREND PW-F Asutex 201810-161 08/10/2018 08/10/2023 Cross-linking agent Submitted
7292 NOVASTONE NCL/E Officina+39 (Techna Italia SRL) 201810-162 09/10/2018 09/10/2023 Biopolishing enzyme Submitted
7293 ASUPREND PW-C Asutex 201810-160 09/10/2018 09/10/2023 Catalyst agent Submitted
Product Name Company Name Scivera Certificate Number Effective Date Expiration Date Product Function Keywords LS&Co PCPL

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