Sustainable chemistry: Key drivers in different industries

What does the search for safer, more sustainable chemicals look like for your business?

The trend is tighter chemicals regulations – no matter what industry you work in.

Chemicals are found in every industry, from toys to electronics, cosmetics, clothes and pharmaceuticals—and obviously within the chemicals industry itself. As governments (rightly) tighten regulations on the use of chemicals in manufacturing, how much do you know about the chemicals in your supply chain and products? 

Apparel & footwear

Companies manufacturing and selling apparel and footwear are coming under increasing pressure from customers to ensure that their business is sustainable. Consumers want to know that what they’re wearing isn’t damaging the environment and doesn’t contain harmful chemicals.  

Companies, therefore need to know what’s entering their supply chains, and how chemicals are being used across the product lifecycle. 

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Beauty companies increasingly find that their customers want to use products that are created sustainably, and contain no harmful chemicals. We know that consumer action has previously driven seismic change in the industry, with the move towards beauty without crueltyand away from animal testing. As pressure increases, beauty companies need to be confident about what their products contain.

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The pharmaceutical industry faces growing regulation about the use of chemicals, including substances such as per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). The industry itself is also actively looking to replace potentially harmful substances with safer alternatives. 
Companies need access to reliable information about a wide range of chemicals and their effects.

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Electronics manufacturers are coming under increasing pressure to reduce their environmental impact through better waste management, more recycling and reuse of raw materials, and the creation of more durable and repairable products. Sustainable chemistry is a crucial part of this work.

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No parent wishes to find that theyve given their children something harmful as a toy. Theres therefore considerable pressure on toy manufacturers to ensure that their products are safe.  
Manufacturers are actively working to replace any potentially harmful chemicals with safer alternatives, and ensure that they know what substances are in the finished product. 

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Chemicals manufacturers face increasing regulatory requirements about the manufacture, use, transport, storage and disposal of chemicals.  

They need to understand what is happening across their supply chain, both upwards and downwards, and take a proactive approach to assessing and managing chemical risk.

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Driving sustainable chemistry in your business

Enhesa Sustainable Chemistry helps you move your green chemistry initiatives forward by giving you robust, reliable information about the chemicals you use.  

Whether through screening for potential hazards, understanding risks in your supply chain, or sourcing toxicological data, we give you the insight you need to protect your customers, your employees, your brand, and the environment. 

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