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Find the information you need and reduce the risk of missing key details by searching thousands of databases at once with this powerful tool.

All the resources you need, all in one place

ToxPlanet is a single, searchable database of scientific, toxicological, and hazard data that helps you understand the safety impacts of your chemicals. Search 112 million documents across more than 1000 databases at once, find the information you need, and ensure you’re not missing key details.

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With ToxPlanet, you can …


Focus your research with topic-focused modules

Optimize the way you search with 12 topic-specific modules that make it easy to find what you need.


Access sources all in one place

Get everything you need in one platform, saving you the hassle of browsing multiple sites.


Find the information you need faster

Quickly get to the information you need with structured results and advanced search options.


Be sure you’re not missing key details

Avoid blind spots and discover new sources with results from over 1000 reliable sources.


Optimize your team’s workflow

Use time spent searching for information to act on it instead.


Make safer chemistry choices

Make decisions with confidence, knowing they’re backed by the latest research.

ToxPlanet is probably the most critical tool to our business in terms of accessibility and saving time.

Research your chemistry with one simple tool

ToxPlanet is a faster, more efficient way to find the information you need to make safer choices about your chemicals. Get a view of the current state of the science with chemical information, toxicological data, regulatory submissions, and more – all for a fraction of the time and cost of doing it yourself. 


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Offering the widest scope of chemicals literature sources


Million indexed documents

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Respected sources


Discipline-focused modules

Customize your search with discipline-focused modules:


Continually updated chemical hazard and toxicology data on hundreds of thousands of chemicals. 

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Human reproductive risk information for thousands of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and occupational hazards. 

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Chemical and safety data on pharmaceutical substances. 

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Vital botanical and phytochemical information from multiple sources.

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C&L Inventory™

The latest information on over 180,000 substances found in ECHA’s C&L Inventory.

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REACH Registrations

Up-to-date REACH Registrations submitted to the European Chemicals Agency. 

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Integrated access to millions of SDSs from thousands of vendors. 

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More than 33 million citations for biomedical literature from MEDLINE, life science journals, and online books. 

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Search tool for instantly identifying chemical analogs and quickly retrieving relevant information. 

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Included with your ToxPlanet subscription:


Information on thousands of chemicals found on over 750 regulatory and advisory lists from around the world. 

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Toxline Special®

Bibliographic references covering the biochemical, pharmacological, physiological, and toxicological effects of drugs and other chemicals. 

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Collection of all unpublished, non-confidential chemical testing result submissions to the EPA under TSCA. 

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Exclusive combination of out-of-print databases covering the pharmacological, biochemical, physiological, and toxicological effects of drugs, environmental pollutants, and other chemicals. 

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Widen the scope of your search

Full Text Search

Dig deeper into the sources

Advanced Searches

Focus in on what’s relevant


Save the way you search
Get a more comprehensive view.

Our proprietary EXPERTIndex gives consistent results across synonyms and chemical analogues. We’ve indexed over 1 million substances and 5 million terms for truly comprehensive results and peace of mind that you’re not missing key details. Refine your search even further with “Starts with”, “Exact match” and “Contains” options.

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Extract key details from deep within documents.

Full Text Search lets you search the full text of more than 112 million documents across our collections, helping you dig out details buried deep within the research. It supports simple search, compound search, and Boolean logic, so you can pinpoint exactly the information you need using keywords.

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Target your research with refined options.

ToxPlanet gives you the option to carry out Advanced Searches across a number of modules, including MSDSOnline, ToxLine Special, REACH Registrations, and TSCATS Complete. This gives you the power to refine your search even further to get only the results that are relevant to you.

Search your way with default views.

MyEXPERT lets you personalize the default view of your search results and display only the databases you want to see with unlimited filter settings. This gives you a truly personalized search experience, allowing you to filter out irrelevant information and research the specific topics and sources that you’re interested in.


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