ASSESS your chemicals faster and more effectively

List screening and evaluating chemical hazard assessment info doesn’t have to be hard. With Chemical Assess, you get on-demand hazard and list screening all in one simple-to-search, intuitive tool. 

Making it easy to make confident, informed decisions about the chemicals you use.

Rapidly identify chemical hazards with on-demand screening for more than 300,000 substances.

Leverage our extensive hazard database, including 500+ RSLs and 4,500+ verified CHAs developed by our internal toxicologists using our robust GHS+ process for reliable data right when you need it.

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Your company needs reliable Chemical Hazard Assessments to…


Protect your workers, customers, and brand

by reducing the negative impact of chemicals on humans and the environment.


Go beyond compliance

by understanding the drivers for regulatory decisions and what could be coming next.


Choose safer chemicals

by having the right information on hand in your product development process.


Make more informed, confident decisions

by sourcing reliable information from our in-house team of expert toxicologists.

So, why not assess them faster?

Toxicologists who need to find efficiencies in their work

Users who need simpler list screening tools

Teams who are just starting their CHA journey

Companies that outsource toxicology work but want more insight

Product developers who want to ensure they are choosing safer chemicals

Professionals who understand the value of making safer chemical choices

Save time, save money with our winning combination.

The average CHA costs between $3,000-$10,000 and can take up to 3 weeks to complete.

Together, our internal toxicology team and easy-to-use interface help you unlock efficiencies across your business to:


– Supplement the work you and your team are already doing

– Ensure your chemicals management program is fit for the future – based on safer chemicals

– Build internal expertise and resources toward safer, more sustainable chemistry

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“The Chemical Assess offering has expedited the process and given me more peace of mind to know that we are not missing things.”

Need to identify hazards without losing time?

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Completing your own CHAs? Need to go deeper into the chemicals literature?

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