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Make safer, more sustainable chemistry choices through reliable, practical intelligence and tools. Identify hazards and get a better understanding of the chemicals in your products and processes.

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Enhesa Sustainable Chemistry helps you move your green chemistry initiatives forward by giving you robust, reliable information about the chemicals you use. Whether through screening for potential hazards, understanding risks in your supply chain, or sourcing toxicological data, we give you the insight you need to protect your customers, your employees, your brand, and the environment.

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Know more about your chemicals.

Regulatory content and sustainability intelligence

ASSESS the hazards in your chemicals

Rapidly identify chemical hazards with on-demand screening against our extensive library, including 450+ RSLs and 4,500+ verified CHAs, developed using our robust GHS+ process.

Regulatory content and sustainability intelligence

CONNECT with suppliers for better transparency

Identify hidden hazards in your supply chain by confidentially sourcing ingredient information from suppliers, all while protecting their proprietary information.

Regulatory content and sustainability intelligence

INNOVATE with the best chemicals for the future

Create safer products from the start and make informed R&D decisions with configurable screening tools and dashboards that make it simple to assess and compare chemicals.

Regulatory content and sustainability intelligence

RESEARCH the data behind chemical assessments

Streamline your research process and get the information you need at your fingertips within an easy-to-use interface.

Share your data with buyers – not your secrets.

Regulatory content and sustainability intelligence

RESPOND to data requests without sacrificing proprietary info

Get more information about how buyers are assessing your chemicals, with full access to your results and details about potential chemical hazards while protecting your confidential business information.

Regulatory content and sustainability intelligence

CERTIFY your products for chemical safety

Assure your buyers about the quality of your ingredients and formulations with recognized certifications that demonstrate a commitment to safer chemistry.

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Identify chemical hazards in your products, in your processes and across your supply chain with our secure, cloud-based screening platform. SciveraLENS gives you the information you need to make safer decisions about your chemicals at a fraction of the time and cost of carrying out your own chemical hazard assessments.

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Streamline your research process with our searchable database of scientific, toxicological, and hazard data. ToxPlanet gives you access to more than 112 million resources from 1000+ respected sources all in one place, helping you to understand the chemicals you use and make safer decisions.

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Bridge the gap to product and EHS compliance

As part of Enhesa, we provide 360° intelligence for your entire business. As well as Sustainable Chemistry, we can also help you keep your products and your operations compliant:

Enhesa Product Intelligence: Your go-to source for product compliance and safety intelligence.

Enhesa Product Intelligence helps businesses create safer products and stay ahead of the dynamic chemicals management agenda. We do this by providing global news, insight, analysis, data tools and access to a network of experts to help inform product safety decisions. Plus, as the leading independent voice of those working in product safety, we facilitate the world’s largest and most influential community of product safety professionals managing chemicals.

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Enhesa EHS Intelligence: Your EHS compliance management partner.

Enhesa EHS Intelligence empowers your business to comply with confidence and protect your communities – in each location, across the globe.
Our extensive knowledge base of EHS and sustainability intelligence in standardized, centralized solutions make it easy to manage and prepare for regulatory developments around the world. All with actionable insights to make it clear how you can ensure safer, more sustainable facilities.

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Enhesa Corporate Sustainability: To achieve stronger, smarter strategy and reporting.

Enhesa Corporate Sustainability helps you to understand the complexities and requirements of sustainability topics relevant to your business. You can create sound and effective internal structures and processes for accurate reporting and business success, and monitor future developments in the sustainability and ESG landscape.

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