enhesa corporate sustainability for stronger, smarter strategy and reporting.

Understand the complexities and requirements of sustainability topics relevant to your business, create sound and effective internal structures and processes for accurate reporting and business success, and monitor future developments in the sustainability and ESG landscape.

Ensure integrated sustainability and compliance with relevant requirements

Enhesa Corporate Sustainability underpins your ESG strategy, enabling you to understand your disclosure requirements so you can show value to investors, customers, and employees. Our expert-curated content, sourced from global regulatory bodies and vital reporting frameworks, is centralized and standardized in a streamlined taxonomy for seamless tracking, ESG compliance management, and future trend monitoring.

Your challenges

The increasing complexity of sustainability and ESG reporting, alongside the introduction of new legislation around the world, is creating new and pressing challenges for businesses. Keeping up with the rapid pace of change can be a burdensome task while you’re trying to implement effective strategies to meet business sustainability goals.

Our solutions

Our experts consolidate global insights in English, providing clarity on globally adopted standards and disclosure requirements. We map the relevant ensuring confident compliance and validation for reporting. Stay updated, mitigate risks, and shape a sustainable future for your business.

ESG regulations have increased by 155% globally in the past decade, with 1,255 regulations introduced worldwide since 2011. Since the turn of the millennium, there’s been a 647% increase in ESG regulations.

How can Enhesa’s solutions help you?


Standardized tool

Collaborate and strengthen internal communication. Manage your compliance across all your facilities in the same flow: set up applicability for relevant topics, identify the blind spots and track compliance with ease. Access the wide range of requirements per topic mapped to the key global frameworks in one dashboard, in English.


Expert analysis and insights

Not just a data feed or scraped data but actionable, useful intelligence provided by in-house analysts. Speedily access voluntary standards and understand the obligations for relevant sustainability topics easily. Quickly read a summary, or dive in deeper for guidance and knowledge you can benefit from.


Wide coverage

See the requirements and beyond for over 50 jurisdictions and 100+ sustainability topics. Know the what, where, and when of reporting aligned with global frameworks, regulations, and standards. Track current, to-be-adopted, and proposed regulations, and follow standards adopted globally to elevate your sustainability goals and ESG program.

Regulatory content and sustainability intelligence

ACT to achieve compliance across jurisdictions with Compliance Intelligence

Seamlessly integrates global sustainability and ESG frameworks (ESRS, GRI, ISSB) with legal requirements. Monitor and manage compliance across multiple jurisdictions from one centralized dashboard. Report accurately, mitigate risks, and expand your ESG program.

Regulatory content and sustainability intelligence

PLAN for ESG impact ahead of time with Sustainability Forecaster

Prepare for upcoming changes, proposals, and adopted regulations that affect your organization. Navigate the complex world of sustainability and ESG by staying ahead of future regulatory changes, planning strategically, and avoiding unexpected surprises.

Wide-reaching compliance coverage, close to your people


Covered jurisdictions


Regulatory analysts


ESG topics covered

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