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Sustainability Forecaster

Prepare for upcoming sustainability requirements, regulations, and laws. Learn about the latest developments and proposals, and act fast to future-proof your business from impending impacts.

Be ready for regulatory changes

Integrating sustainability can boost performance, recruitment, and revenue for your company. As mandatory sustainability reporting increasingly gets attention alongside voluntary measures around the world, businesses can benefit by staying ahead and knowing what to expect. Your company’s reputation may be defined by it.  

When many businesses struggle to keep up with new legislation, Enhesa’s Sustainability Forecaster empowers you to always be forward-looking with regulatory insights, supported by our team of experts. Your teams will have time to adapt before regulatory changes become legal requirements. Plan and prepare for changes early, with a clear understanding of new proposals, policies, guidance, and jurisprudence. 

On the pulse of sustainability topics

Sustainability Forecaster covers a spectrum of sustainability topics, providing summary information, complete with useful hyperlinks to official sources.We make it easy to track important new and upcoming developments across major global jurisdictions. You can rely on insights from leveraging the Corporate Sustainability Compliance Blueprint that has its foundation in three of the major sustainability reporting instruments:  

  • The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and associated European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS) 
  • The general standards from the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) 
  • The global sustainability disclosure standards issued by the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and associated International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) 

Enhesa’s team of legal experts have selected these three instruments to form a solid foundation for corporate sustainability reporting worldwide. This structure supports local jurisdictional regulatory and non-mandatory requirements, giving you both local and global compliance insights and intelligence. 

In short, we don’t miss a beat. 

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With Sustainability Forecaster, you can…


Be ready for what’s next

Keep your company ahead of the curve with updates on constant evolutions in the sustainability landscape and reporting requirements. 


Save time

Go straight to the information you need with options to save your most-used searches and filters of what matters to your company.  


Prepare for impact

Know what you need to know – and then do. Understand how the changing landscape and issues will affect your business, so you can take your next steps to protect it. 


Keep track of it all

Have what you need at hand with always uptodate information, from background news to new policies, regulations at proposal stage, and amendments in existing ones.  


Find answers fast

Our regulatory experts track sustainability issues, policies, regulations, governmental guidance and significant jurisprudence, updating the list of requirements in advance. 


Stay globally and locally confident

Search about global and local reporting requirements and sustainability topics and how they can impact your business, all in one source, one dashboard and in English. 

Look inside Sustainability Forecaster

Weekly email alerts

Always be on top

Powerful search

Skip the guesswork

Transversal views

Filter & cross-compare

Implementation timelines

See what changed and when
Never miss out on new sustainability developments

Keep track of fast-moving topics and specific regions that require more attention. Just select and save your most important update areas to receive tailored updates to your inbox every week. Want to see it all? No problem. View the full forecaster analysis on the dashboard any time, no matter how many alerts you create. 

Weekly email alerts
Find your way through the sustainability maze – fast

Find what you need to integrate or stay compliant with in your sustainability strategy. The easy-to-use search guides you through the extensive database of worldwide emerging sustainability issues, policies, proposals, and regulatory changes. Use the Save option to remember the regulatory info you’ll want to see next time – by jurisdiction or by topic. 

Powerful search engine
Set the topics that matter most to your reporting

Filter topics from standardized headers and add the countries you want to track. Transversal views help you easily identify and compare reporting requirements and the level of compliance across your business, all around the globe. 

Transversal views
Understand the context step by step

The timeline functionality provides you with a full contextual view on the lifecycle of a forecasted issue. When did it originate? Whats its evolution? Whats related? Understand where the emerging issue comes from and how you should prepare your organization. 

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Covered jurisdictions


Regulatory analysts


ESG topics covered

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Understand the complexities and requirements of material topics, create sound and effective internal structures and processes for accurate reporting and business success, and monitor future developments in the sustainability landscape. 

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