A standardized, centralized sustainability regulation resource

Jurisdiction Compliance

Take actionable steps to achieve compliance across your multinational organization and all business functions.

Get requirement-driven tracking, link sustainability frameworks to obligations, see regulatory insights, and access full-text citations across multiple jurisdictions.

Empowering leaders with sustainability compliance clarity

Materiality assessment can only take you so far. The next step is to understand and track your obligations for topics that are material and applicable to your business.

Enhance your understanding of sustainability topics and requirements per jurisdiction, and validate your reporting with a streamlined taxonomy.

Our experts have curated the Corporate Sustainability Compliance Blueprint, comprising disclosure requirements from major sustainability reporting standards such as ESRS, GRI, and ISSB. It covers regulations and tracks changes for more than 50 major global markets.

Easily understand the complex nuances of each topic with our experts’ simplified summaries, so you can confidently create more accurate and comprehensive reports.

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With Jurisdiction Compliance you can…


Monitor and track compliance globally

A standardized and centralized dashboard view enabling you to manage and track compliance across all business functions and operations in multiple jurisdictions – all in one place.


Know what’s ahead of you

Prepare and plan for regulatory changes by knowing about the proposed and adopted regulations in advance.


Conduct a comprehensive study

Read the original full-text citations and understand your obligations in detail within a single source, in English.


Achieve reporting clarity

Find the exact requirements and reporting obligations of the topics that are material and applicable for your business.


Create mind maps for your business

Our Compliance Blueprint helps you understand the requirements derived from major sustainability reporting frameworks and standards (including ESRS, GRI and ISSB) to map against jurisdiction-specific requirements.


Communicate transparently

Ensure consistent work processes are in place across your organization and use streamlined topics and metrics, allowing teams to work efficiently and transparently together.

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Look inside Jurisdiction Compliance

Keep it consistent

with standardization built in

Get notified

with development tracking

Take action

with manageable action points

Dive into the details

with jurisdiction-specific content
A standardized, centralized view

Set up your dashboard view to monitor and track across multiple jurisdictions.

Devise processes to create audit trails, ensuring compliance and readiness to report on sustainability requirements.

The standardized and centralized dashboard even allows you to build a consistent flow across all facilities and business functions.

stand view
Track future developments

See what’s changing and coming up in the sustainability spectrum that can impact your organization’s activities and regular business.

With Sustainability Forecaster, track the topics that are relevant to your business, and get updates when there is a new, proposed, or adopted law.

Track future developments
Manage actionable requirements across business functions

Manage compliance to audit across business functions and sites by tracking and monitoring applicable requirements for standardized topics.

Take actionable steps to ensure nothing falls through the cracks and that different teams are compliant with your company’s sustainability goals and strategy.

Manage actionable requirements across facilities
Local-level detail for every jurisdiction

Explore comprehensive sustainability reporting requirements at national and regional levels.

Delve into legal texts through guide notes and benefit from in-depth regulatory analysis linked to specific obligations.

Clearly understand each requirement with detailed descriptions, contextual information, and additional insights, so you can navigate intricate regulatory landscapes.

Local-level detail for every jurisdiction

Worldwide sustainability regulation and topic coverage


Jurisdictions covered


Regulatory analysts


ESG topics covered

Jurisdiction content tools that make your sustainability program more robust

Regulatory content and sustainability intelligence

Compliance Intelligence

Seamlessly integrates global sustainability frameworks (ESRS, GRI, ISSB) with legal requirements. Monitor and manage compliance across multiple jurisdictions and business functions from one centralized dashboard. Report accurately, mitigate risks, and expand your program.

Regulatory content and sustainability intelligence

Sustainability Forecaster

Prepare for upcoming changes, proposed and adopted regulations that affect your organization. Navigate the complex world of sustainability by staying ahead of future regulatory changes, planning strategically, and avoiding unexpected surprises.

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Keep your sustainability compliance on course

Global Guidance

Your ultimate companion for staying current with the ever-changing standards in the sustainability field, from all over the world, both voluntary and mandatory.

A centralized hub with regular updates to adopted and accepted discretionary rules from around the world.

Build a robust sustainability strategy for all business functions and the overall organization.

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