Manage and track corporate sustainability developments across jurisdictions

Compliance Intelligence

Know the applicable requirements and take actions to maintain your regulatory compliance knowledge while also staying abreast of non-mandatory provisions which may be relevant to your Corporate Sustainability strategy. Track sustainability compliance using our jurisdictional dashboard view. 

Understand sustainability requirements as they develop

Enhesa’s Corporate Sustainability Compliance Intelligence empowers your company to track and manage sustainability compliance in the selected jurisdictions in which you operate, by enabling you to understand the sustainability requirements for relevant regulations.

With increasing pressure in an ever-changing, complex, and growing regulatory environment, our solution seamlessly maps the sustainability standards to emerging legal requirements. Our experts have curated a proprietary Corporate Sustainability Compliance Blueprint consisting of requirements with associated guide notes to help you identify and take actions against those relevant to your business, whilst flagging any changes that occur. It empowers you to align your business to the developing regulations across jurisdictions, guided by key sustainability reporting standards, keeping an eye on changes so there are no surprises.


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Enhesa’s Corporate Sustainability Compliance Blueprint

Our Corporate Sustainability Compliance Blueprint has its foundation in three of the major sustainability reporting instruments:

  • Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and associated European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS)
  • Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)
  • International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and associated International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB)

Enhesa’s team of legal experts have selected these three instruments to form a solid foundation for corporate sustainability reporting worldwide. This structure supports local jurisdictional regulatory and non-mandatory requirements, giving you both local and global compliance insights and intelligence.

In short, we don’t miss a beat.


With Compliance Intelligence, you can…


Identify and track requirements

Track, manage, and view the latest updates on applicable requirements, per topic. Know which global and local requirements impact your business and how, all in English


Assess applicability

Set up your business by navigating screening questions and determining applicability per topic. Choose to view either regulatory or non-mandatory or both requirements at a glance 


Report consistently

A centralized dashboard view that displays applicable requirements and compliance status, per topic for all your global jurisdictions 


Know what needs attention

The ‘guide notes’ help you learn about the compliance requirements, spot necessary actions, and even reference related regulations. You can also identify the history via ‘show changes’


Access a streamlined taxonomy

Structured and standardized sustainability topics make it easy to understand requirements, compare them, and drive consistency across business functions globally.


Map requirements to frameworks

With the insights from Enhesa’s Corporate Sustainability Compliance Blueprint, you can map the major sustainability reporting frameworks (including ESRS, GRI, and ISSB standards) against jurisdiction-specific requirements to set you up for compliance success.

Look inside Compliance Intelligence

Keep it consistent

with a standardization built in

Determine relevant requirements

with screening question

Take action

with manageable action points

Dive into the details

with jurisdiction-specific content
A standardized, centralized view

Set up your dashboard for a multi-jurisdictional view based on a compliance overview.

Compare global and local sustainability reporting requirements in a centralized system to integrate a strong sustainability strategy in a standardized taxonomy.

Build consistent flows and processes across all business functions to deliver on reporting and beyond. Be on top, stay aware, and comply with confidence.

Compliance Intelligence SS 1 – Standardized & Centralised View
Refine your regulatory view to what’s necessary for your business

Benefit from undertaking a detailed screening test to determine exactly which jurisdictional regulations are relevant to your business and why.

Knowing which regulations you need to be aware of and implement across your organization is made simpler with our helpful and intuitive user interface.

Compliance Intelligence SS 2 – Screening Questions
Know what actions need to be taken

Track and manage applicable requirements for sustainability topics that are relevant and material to your business.

Seamlessly monitor changes and updates for each sustainability topic with filters.

The additional details give you insights on how the requirement applies to you and what actions you can take to adhere and make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Compliance Intelligence SS 3 – Actionable Insights
Local-level detail for every jurisdiction

Explore comprehensive sustainability reporting requirements at national and regional levels for each sustainability topic.

Delve into legal texts through guide notes and benefit from in-depth regulatory analysis linked to specific obligations.

Clearly understand each requirement with detailed descriptions, contextual information, and additional insights, so you can easily navigate intricate regulatory landscapes.


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Regulatory analysts


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