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Benefit from a curated list of voluntary and mandatory best practices referenced from 400+ global frameworks and organizations, including information from the European Union and the United Nations.

Easily integrate sustainability across various business functions with more confidence 

Embrace the non-regulated, non-financial developments in the landscape

In today’s dynamic business world, financial metrics alone fall short in capturing the true value and impact of a company. It’s the non-financial aspects – encompassing environmental, social, and governance factors – that offer a more comprehensive view of performance.  

Stakeholders are increasingly interested in responsible and sustainable business practices, so reporting on these non-financial dimensions is important to establish trust and credibility. Companies that excel in sustainability reporting set themselves apart, attracting socially conscious investors, customers, and partners to gain a powerful competitive edge.

As global challenges mount, those who embrace comprehensive reporting are better equipped to navigate an uncertain future. Consumers rally behind companies that demonstrate a commitment to ethical, sustainable practices. It’s important – now more than ever – to embrace these powerful shifts and elevate your sustainability program to the next level by understanding the sustainability topics and developments in the space that could impact your organization.

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Build trust, raise awareness and encourage positive social change

Protect our world while protecting your corporate reputation with a best-in-class sustainability program built on the world’s foremost legislative frameworks and voluntary instruments.

Through easy-to-understand, easy-to-apply sustainability global guidance, we help you organize and optimize your initiatives to address the century’s leading business concerns.

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Stay ahead of the curve with Global Guidance


Wide coverage across all industries

Gain global insights across industries from chemicals to textiles and finance, to gain a better understanding of the sustainability landscape for the whole organization



Foresee relevant changes and developments in voluntary sources and regulations via monthly newsletters, reporting, and actionable forecasters to plan for business success


Easily digestible format

Receive concise summaries of key issues and global developments for easy understanding, all in English. Links to original documents are provided


Standardized and centralised view

Explore the wide range of topics and standards in one dashboard for a solid sustainability strategy to be integrated across all business functions


Filter and navigate with ease

Filter based on topics relevant to your business and understand the breadth, depth, and relevance of each subject area


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Standardized topics

for easy implementation

Filterable ESG content

to find topics relevant to your business

Be ready for future requirements

and go beyond the minimum standards

Track the changing landscape

with advance notifications
Communicate and align internal teams with a standardized view

Access a comprehensive library of adopted guidance, frameworks, and regulations, defined within a topic scope.

Applicable across sectors, all in one global dashboard, it allows you to communicate sustainability initiatives and monitor applicability in a standardized manner.

Standardized topics
Be confident in your sustainability initiatives

Get access to the analysis of 100+ topics that our experts put together from 400+ voluntary ESG instruments.

Read the summary of requirements to find ways to solidify and elevate your ESG program.

esg content
Build competitive advantage and strengthen sustainability reporting

Get insights into sustainability topics and know exactly what actions need to be taken before regulations kick in.

Go a notch higher in building your sustainability program and reporting with more than the bare minimum.

global best practices
Stay one step ahead by planning for the future

Set up tracking and get monthly updates of forecasted developments by email.

Gain insights for sustainability and ESG topics for various locations across the globe.

Prepare to report on non-financial, specialized standards.


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Jurisdiction Compliance

Enhance your understanding and reporting with a streamlined ESG taxonomy, covering 50+ jurisdictions based on disclosure requirements from regulations and global regulatory bodies such as CSRD, US SEC, the German Supply Chain Act, and many more.

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