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Struggling to balance reporting disclosure requirements with compliance objectives? Trying to manage regulatory information for multiple locations? Want to avoid missing key developments and obligations?

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Managing sustainability reporting requirements.

Sustainability reporting is rapidly becoming a mandatory requirement, with tougher standards and increasing expectations for responsible and sustainable practices. Which means businesses must integrate sustainability into organizational goals to enhance transparency to deliver robust and verifiable investment-grade data. Managing multiple sources of regulatory information and differing compliance requirements across jurisdictions makes tracking key developments and company-wide reporting challenging. Receiving fragmented and non-standardized data at the corporate level introduces blind spots, risking operational losses, penalties, and reputation.

Is your business…


Equipped to understand sustainability compliance and reporting requirements per jurisdiction?


Up to date on current standards that could become regulations and disclosure requirements?


Standardizing and centralizing compliance data management, with a real-time status view for relevant topics across business functions?


Confident about tracking and complying with requirements from multiple sources and regulatory bodies?


Tracking changes and new developments regarding sustainability topics?


Reducing non-financial risk and meeting investor, supplier, and customer expectations?

With our solutions, the answer is “yes”

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Our unique, centralized, and standardized tool helps businesses clearly understand disclosure requirements across jurisdictions and foresee upcoming developments. You can now enable both your local and corporate teams with the regulatory intelligence they need to take positive actions.

Track progress, manage global compliance, and set standardized sustainability goals for consistent reporting at all levels of the business.

Do you feel confident complying with strict reporting standards?

Multinational corporations’ obligations extends beyond reporting disclosure requirements for accuracy and legal standards adherence.

Compliance is crucial for the consistent collection of data reports from various business functions and locations.

A standardized format enables better comparison, analysis, and alignment of organizational goals and strategy, ensuring accurate reports.

Discover how to standardize data collection with Sustainability Compliance Intelligence

Are you prepared for the future, and confident about your sustainability goals and strategy?

The sustainability arena is dynamically developing in the voluntary and regulatory realms, making it essential to stay informed of global and local changes.

Staying ahead allows businesses time to design strategies and goals for mitigating potential negative impacts, maintain a competitive edge, and avoid costly penalties. 

Find out how to prepare before it’s law with Sustainability Forecaster

Can you monitor compliance across jurisdictions and generate standardized reports?

Streamlining compliance across jurisdictions and functions is challenging.

Centralization and standardization are crucial to evolve and stay on top of regulations, minimize risks, and reinforce sustainability commitments.

A clear and consistent presentation of efforts enhances transparency, accountability, and corporate reputation.

See how you can streamline and strengthen your sustainability performance with Jurisdiction Compliance

Are you confident in sustainability topics and reporting requirements?

After identifying relevant sustainability topics, it’s essential for companies to understand their meaning and reporting requirements.

This requires accurate reporting, greenwashing or hushing prevention, and a robust sustainability strategy that integrates throughout the organization.

Gain insights into sustainability topics and craft a strong sustainability strategy with Global Guidance

Struggling with sustainability disclosure requirements?

Sustainability covers a huge breadth of subjects and topics. But it can be simplified by understanding exactly how the requirements apply to your organization at global and local levels.

Overcome its challenges with comprehensive coverage of current and coming developments, in-depth analysis and simplified insights – all in a centralized, standardized environment.

Take the next step towards ensured compliance

Regulatory content and sustainability intelligence

ACT to achieve compliance with Compliance Intelligence

Identify, assess, and monitor compliance for applicable requirements across multiple jurisdictions in one centralized dashboard. The Enhesa Sustainability Compliance Blueprint maps the requirements to global sustainability frameworks (ESRS, GRI, ISSB), indicating if they are mandatory or not.

Regulatory content and sustainability intelligence

PLAN for the future with Sustainability Forecaster

Get updated on upcoming changes, as well as proposed and adopted regulations that affect your organization. Our Sustainability Forecaster keeps you alert and ahead by informing you about future regulatory changes, encouraging strategic planning and avoiding risk of non-compliance.

Enhesa Sustainability Solutions can help in your reporting journey.

Our experts have created a Sustainability Blueprint of these requirements and a forward-looking information guide that references major standards, regulations, and conventions that will help you understand the complex topics as well as manage compliance.

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