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Covering a breadth of industries, jurisdictions, and trends to provide a comprehensive view of current and upcoming sustainability standards, frameworks, and regulations.

The demand for businesses to integrate sustainability practices – and provide evidence through reporting – is only increasing. Not only is it necessary to track and report all the right metrics, but it’s vital to know what and how the information should be collected, analyzed, and reported.

That’s why we provide our expertise across many facets of sustainability, focusing professional guidance and insights into specific topic areas we know are pivotal for quality business practices and reporting.

Comprehensive sustainability coverage

Regulatory content and sustainability intelligence
Regulatory content and sustainability intelligence
Regulatory content and sustainability intelligence
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Sustainability in the supply chain

With the emergence of more and more regulations focused on supply chain due diligence, this is fast becoming a major challenge for businesses. 

Be ready for those challenges with our experts’ insights into: 

  • Human rights 
  • Environmental protection concerns 
  • Supply chain management 
  • Business relationship management 
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Climate change

Proactively addressing climate change is a must-have for businesses to thrive. 

Our experts provide full coverage and interpretation of emissions regulations under Scopes 1, 2, and 3, as well as climate mitigation and adaptation measures. 

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With the formation of bodies such as the Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures, businesses need to refocus decision-making to target nature-positive outcomes. 

Develop a strong understanding of what these outcomes – and how to achieve them – look like, with expert insights and regulatory analysis from our specialists. 

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Sustainable product management

Protect your organization from the tarnish of a greenwashing claim and ensure your consumers are safe, with proper guidance on how to manage products responsibly and sustainably. 

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Corporate misconduct

Be sure you conduct business in the right way, with clear, actionable insights into jurisdictional regulations and transparent reporting requirements, covering: 

  • Disclosure policies 
  • Responsible investment 
  • Proper wages 
  • Anti-bribery measures 
  • Responsible taxation 
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Human rights

Businesses need to address internationally recognized human rights issues and implement effective human rights due diligence processes throughout operations. Get expert guidance on your duty to respect human rights, including: 

  • Human rights due diligence 
  • Responsibility to conflict-affected and fragile environments 
  • Forced labor protection 
  • Child labor protection 
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Diversity and inclusion

Use our expertise to help guide your policies, practices, and reporting to make sure your business: 

  • Protects minority groups 
  • Promotes inclusion 
  • Ensures non-discrimination, equal opportunity, gender equality, and minority group rights 
  • Prevents workplace harassment

Let our expertise enhance your corporate sustainability

Our sustainability experts provide businesses with analysis and insights to remain compliant with current regulations and aware of upcoming trends. Learn more about how we can support your business to stay on top of your compliance and reporting responsibilities.

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