Market insight: Navigating corporate sustainability in a rapidly evolving landscape

  • Understand the current landscape surrounding sustainability 
  • Gain insights from senior leaders at major global corporations 
  • See how the right support from compliance and sustainability experts can help 

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Wondering how global corporations have been handling the challenges of a more regulated sustainability landscape?

Enhesa partnered with Savanta to analyze data from 20 in-depth interviews and two surveys of over 900 senior leaders to bring you a comprehensive view of the impact sustainability requirements are having on big businesses around the world. 

In this whitepaper, we’ll bring together these results — along with the in-depth insights of three key senior leaders in the manufacturing industry.

Businesses must respond proactively to the increase in corporate sustainability requirements, demands, and obligations.


Discover the importance of cross-business collaboration

See firsthand experience of the importance of a strong corporate culture to achieve consistent company-wide results 


Learn about hitting moving targets

Regulations and other drivers are always shifting expectations find out why keeping ahead is critical for success 


Get a clear view of why consistency is key

See how myriad stakeholders, internal efforts, and external consultants result in challenges maintaining a standardized approach 

Sustainability is survival

Over the past 20 years, sustainability has evolved from a mere concept into a solid reality that businesses must take seriously. 

Initiatives such as the EU’s CSRD and the US SEC’s climate disclosure requirements mean that organizations must prepare now for the requirements and regulations coming into effect in the future. 

For companies to continue, they must have a clear plan for what’s coming.

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Deciphering the data

Corporations need to have a clear understanding of what requirements apply to them, but they also need to know how to collect and collate the data to prepare their sustainability reports. 

Sustainability reporting has a new perspective and frameworks are structured slightly differently for different jurisdictions — not to mention a lack of proper tools designed to cover ESG topics from a sustainability perspective. 

Is the answer specific, nuanced solutions that focus on sustainability guidance and regulations? 


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A clear view of the sustainability landscape

With real-world examples and the firsthand experience of senior leaders, this whitepaper provides a perspective on the impact the sustainability landscape is having — and will continue to have — on global corporations. 

Download the whitepaper today to see how sustainability directives, legislation, and regulations are influencing the way businesses operate today and, in the future — and discover what you can do to stay ahead of the curve.