Find and remove PFAS from your products and processes

With growing regulatory pressure to rid products of forever chemicals, the time to know if PFAS are in your products and processes is now. 

Understanding PFAS and their impact

PFAS (Per- and Polyfluorinated Substances) have become the newest family of chemicals to face global regulatory pushback. Why? Exposure to PFAS is linked to liver damage, thyroid disease, decreased fertility, high cholesterol, obesity, hormone suppression, and cancer. They have also been linked to affecting the development of learning, growth, and behavior of children. They have been found in our drinking water, agricultural soils, our food, and the air we breathe. 

PFAS affect animals similarly to humans and can take more than 1,000 years to degrade. The National Ground Water Association estimates that about 95% of the US population has been exposed to PFAS and contains considerable amounts of the chemicals in their bodies. 

PFAS are used in a wide variety of products 

In order to remove PFAS from your products, you must first know the chemicals in your products and processes. Enhesa Sustainable Chemistry can help with every step of this process. 






Drapery & bedding 


Disposable food service ware 




Non-stick pans


Bottled water 


Paper products 

Manta ray – Palau Micronesia

Free webcast: PFAS Regulatory Updates with Chemical Watch

The PFAS regulatory landscape is constantly changing and extremely difficult to follow. With global supply chains that stretch around the world, these new regulations and reporting requirements present a challenge. Additionally, we’re learning that even if PFAS aren’t used to formulate a product, if they are used in a supply chain process, they can still require removal.  

Staying on top of PFAS regulations while also learning where PFAS may exist up and down your supply chain will help you avoid these hidden risks and liabilities.  

Free webcast: PFAS regulatory updates with Chemical Watch by Enhesa

A timely, impartial, and easy-to-understand overview of the PFAS landscape for product safety professionals managing chemicals.

Watch to stay in front of chemical regulations with expert updates as they share insights to help you: 

  • Make sure your products are not just compliant but chemically safer 
  • Take your supply chain transparency to the next level 
  • Identify problematic chemicals like PFAS in your products

Building clarity around PFAS - and avoiding regrettable substitutions

Gain better insight into PFAS by accessing the latest research through ToxPlanet, and quickly assess known CAS RNs by automatically screening them against restricted and regulatory lists, including our exclusive PFAS list within SciveraLENS®: 9,000+ PFAS—more than any current regulatory list.  

Additionally, once you know what is in your products, SciveraLENS can also help you innovate safer products by helping you avoid regrettable substitutions with our peer-reviewed, verified CHAs.  

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