Beautycounter ensures brand integrity with proactive assessments

Pioneering the clean beauty space, Beautycounter uses Assess to stay ahead of regulations, save time, and create peace of mind.

Beautycounter is leading the clean beauty movement where there is an opportunity to create safer beauty products for everyone. To do this, they created what they call a “Never” list, a list of chemicals beyond any existing regulatory or restricted list of chemicals that their hundreds of suppliers are not allowed to use in their products or processes. With such a proactive vision and hundreds of suppliers to align, Beautycounter was thrilled to find Chemical Assess. With it, Beautycounter’s toxicologists as well as other teammates can: 

  • Assess and edit their Never list by leveraging more than 15,000+ chemical hazard assessments (CHAs)—including 4,500 verified CHAs. 
  • Save time by instantly screening chemicals on restricted substance lists (RSLs). 
  • Ensure their brand integrity and mission with trusted scientific based insights from Assess

Read on to learn more about Beautycounter’s firsthand experience with Chemical Assess. 

1. Why a CHA-based Never list?

“There seems to be no indication that governments are slowing down in continuing to advance chemicals policies. So, if current formulations are not on existing authoritative lists that’s great, but it does not mean that a brand is safe, and it would take a full-time person to constantly be assessing what’s coming next. And for us, it would be better to invest in thinking about what would come next in scientific literature rather than always having to play catch up after it’s too late. 
The benefit for us to have a hazard-based approach is kind of built into the entire ethos of the company and why we exist. It’s two-fold. First and foremost, to protect people’s health; to take a precautionary approach in formulating products. The second is stay ahead of the curve, whether that is the court of public opinion or regulatory authorities.”—SVP of the Mission Team 

Chemical Assess has expedited the process and given me more peace of mind to know that we are not missing things.

2. How can Chemical Assess help toxicologists do more?

“I don’t know how I would function without the Chemical Assess module. The colorcoded reports are all in one centralized location. Its functionality is just great; I don’t know what I would do without it!” 
—Senior Toxicologist, Mission Team, Global product safety 
“A lot of new chemicals don’t have a ton of data associated with them. So Chemical Assess provides a very quick way for someone trying to find something new to get as much data in one place to look at. It’s also very useful for looking at alternatives. If I plug in a chemical we’re interested in, look at the hazard assessment, I can then start looking at alternatives to see how it’s performing in comparison.”—Green Chemist, Packaging 

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3. How can Chemical Assess save your team time?

“Hazard screening and assessment take a long time. Chemical Assess provides an expedited way to access the hazard assessment that is very thorough. And the functionality sells itself. If you know just a little bit about how to approach hazard assessments you would see that it saves you time.”— Senior Toxicologist, Mission Team, Global product safety

“For us, bringing Chemical Assess to the team has not only expedited the process but at the same time it has given me more peace of mind to know that we are not missing things.”— SVP of the Mission Team 

Note: Job titles reflect those at time of interview. 

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