Regulatory Baseline: Manage your Legal Register actively

Empower your local teams to track final-rule changes, search full-text regulations and filter reports. Streamline compliance with Regulatory Baseline.

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With Regulatory Baseline you can get access to granular details as you dive deeper into the world of full-text regulations and citations.  Keep track of applicable legislation to manage risk better and keep facilities EHS compliant across the globe at all times.

Feature highlights:

  • A dynamic directory: Create and manage active Legal Registers  in English or your local language  
  • Search & Filter full text regulations (CFRs, State level & Federal) in the US and full text citations internationally
  • Strike-through comparison of past and new amendments in regulation.  Get daily email notifications on final-rule changes.
  • Integrated with Compliance Intelligence Dashboard for corporate and regional visibility 
  • Get Expert Support Services to migrate your existing static legal registers into Baseline 
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