Simplifying and organizing your chemical research in one place

Streamline your chemical research with more sources in one tool. Join us for your insider’s look at the industry’s widest searchable database of chemicals documents and sources – all in one place.

This webinar took place on Tuesday, 25 June 2024 and is now available as an on-demand recording.

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Find the chemicals information you need faster

Access 112 million+ chemicals documents in one search

Focus your research with discipline-focused modules

What’s in it for you?

Watch this webinar recording to see first-hand how our own toxicologists leverage the powerful Chemical Research platform ToxPlanet to make their jobs easier. And hear about best practices and tips in reducing the time it takes to gather chemicals information – established by your peers in companies with challenges similar to yours.

Discover how to:

  • Get all of your critical chemicals and toxicology information from 12+ millions sources in one platform.
  • Quickly get to the information you need with structured results and advanced search options.
  • Avoid blind spots and discover new sources with results from over 1000 reliable sources.
  • Make chemical assessments with confidence, knowing they’re backed by the latest research.

Webinar speakers

SCH-Webinar page speaker-CM

Colleen McLoughlin

Director, Toxicology, Ph.D., DABT, E.R.T.
Enhesa Sustainable Chemistry

SCH-Webinar page speaker-GHG

Greg Harrop Griffiths

Senior Manager, Global Business Development
Enhesa Sustainable Chemistry

It could take weeks to find all the information ToxPlanet supplies on the internet, but they present it there in one nice data repository – that’s a huge savings of time which we don’t often have a lot of. Additionally, the price point that ToxPlanet is offered at is compelling – especially with the amount of information that it holds and how easy it is to navigate compared to competitors.

Co-founder D&B ChemTox

Discover your single, searchable research tool for safer chemistry

Access this ToxPlanet webinar recording to see how this solution can save you time, money, and hassle in researching chemicals with:

  • Over 112 million indexed documents
  • 1000+ respected sources
  • 12 disciplined-focused modules
  • Customized search options

Plus – brand-new features to:

  • Organize your searches and documents all together by project
  • Receive alerts when one of your documents of interest is updated in the platform

Don’t lose any more time on your research!