Enhesa Knows OHS: World Day for Safety & Health at Work

#SafeDay is never over. Like ever-evolving risks and regulations in occupational health & safety, we offer new resources to support the work you do all year long.

More than just one World Day for Safety & Health at Work.

28-Apr is the International Labour Organisation’s (ILO) World Day for Safety & Health at Work: It’s an important event to highlight emerging risks against workers – and just how hard occupational health and safety professionals work to protect against them.

Of course, like you, we know that health and safety in the workplace matters every single day. That’s why we’ll be sharing our expert insights for staying in line with trends and overcoming challenges – today, tomorrow, and all year long.

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Health & safety management

EHS Compliance contents and support

A complete picture of compliance metrics

Better outcomes from deeper insights. EHS compliance expert Bruce Adler shares his take on getting more out of your compliance metrics.

EHS Compliance contents and support

Proactive incident management

Is it time to review your approach to incident management? Being proactive can help reduce risk in the first place – and lower costs overall.

EHS Compliance contents and support

Trend-resilient OHS management system

How to keep your occupational health and safety system on top of today’s top trends.

EHS Compliance contents and support

3 pillars of a positive OHS culture

The right occupational health & safety culture begins with how you approach compliance in the first place.

Emerging risks & trends

EHS Compliance contents and support

Post COVID-19 EHS regulations

Even in the eventual wake of coronavirus, some mandates might be here to stay as post COVID-19 EHS regulations.

EHS Compliance contents and support

Staying on top of teleworking OHS requirements

Managing a remote workforce comes with its own rewards – and challenges. To reap the full benefits of teleworking, your policies need to cover these key points.

EHS Compliance contents and support

Why think twice about Smart PPE

Seeing smart wearables through rose-colored glasses? This list of pros & cons looks at smart personal protective equipment from a new perspective.

EHS Compliance contents and support

Coming soon!

Occupational health means more than ever before. Is your program prepared for regulations against work stress and other psychosocial risk factors?

EHS Compliance contents and support

Micro learning: Training that works for today’s workforce

Teleworking and diverse learning styles bring massive challenges in training employees. Is micro learning the solution for your company?

Ongoing challenges

EHS Compliance contents and support

Best practices for supporting mental health at work

Concrete tips for managing this complex, cross-over topic. How to make supporting mental health at the workplace everyone’s business.

EHS Compliance contents and support

Cutting down risk of occupational cancer

As concerns about occupational cancer – and related regulations – continue to increase, so does employers’ responsibility to protect against it.

EHS Compliance contents and support

3 ideas to improve safety in the workplace

Stuck on next steps to improve safety in the workplace? These seemingly simple best practices can help give your efforts a boost.

EHS Compliance contents and support

Work-related MSDs: Pains & progress in regulations

Work-related MSDs remain the most common work-related health problem across Europe, and new regulations are coming.

EHS Compliance contents and support

Confined space regulations, redefined: 3 key changes

Are your safety measures up to par with how confined space regulations are progressing?

Free whitepaper: Overcome today’s 4 top health & safety challenges

Not only are the ways we work continuously evolving and new risks emerging, our awareness and understanding of even familiar hazards grow day by day. Ensure your health & safety program is up to par in: 

  • Understanding how OHS specialists are regulated  
  • Protecting workers at home 
  • Mitigating threats to mental health  
  • Adapting training to meet workers’ needs 

Learn how to stay on top of these trends for your most effective health and safety program.

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