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Our Benefits

Enhesa Advantage

The leading environmental, health and safety consulting firm.

Enhesa is the leading environmental, health and safety consulting firm, providing EHS regulatory compliance assurance support to businesses worldwide. Enhesa has achieved the #1 reputation for regulatory content by providing services that offer several key benefits for both corporate and facility users.

Global Geographic Coverage

Over the past 20 years, Enhesa has built a knowledgebase of EHS regulations which includes the What of business requirements, the How to develop cost-effective solutions and the When of enforcement activities in over 200 jurisdictions around the world. All of these solutions are available in both English and local language.

Direct Access to Regulatory Experts and Detailed Analysis

Enhesa combines its unique knowledgebase with an in-house team of 75 dedicated EHS regulatory experts from more than 40 different countries.  No other company or institution has anything remotely similar.  Subscribing to any of Enhesa’s services means you have direct access to these regulatory experts.

Enhesa provides not simply “raw” translated regulatory data, but analyzes and distills the information into usable, accessible, easy to understand requirements, guidance, summaries and explanations that are tailored to a client’s business.

Consistent EHS Thematic Scope

Enhesa’s regulatory content is structured according to standard thematic modules, which create consistent coverage across all countries and regions. The consistent thematic approach facilitates better reporting and collaboration. The individual EHS topics that fall within each of the standard thematic modules provide users with the ability to search  key issues that are most relevant, and do cross-country comparisons. This in turn facilities cost effective training and communication around such issues to staff who are usually not EHS professionals but are still responsible for compliance. 

The main thematic modules include: General Environment, Air Emissions Management, Water Management, Waste Management, Chemicals Management, Hazardous Materials Management, Safety Management, Technical Safety Management, Emergency Preparedness/Response, and Occupational Health.

Tailoring the Services to Better Meet your Needs

In addition to providing comprehensive coverage for general industry operations, Enhesa has developed explicit EHS Thematic Scopes tailored for offices and warehouse locations thereby enabling companies the ability to focus on the relevant EHS issues specific to their non-manufacturing facilities.   

Services, such as the Audit ScoreCard, incorporate screening capabilities that allow users the ability to further refine our services to be customizable and applicable for each individual site.

As another example, our Regulatory Monitoring service provides tailored “Business Impacts” that explain how each emerging EHS issue impacts your company’s operations.

Easy Integration with EHS Software Platforms

As well as delivering services through our own client website's, Enhesa is able to offer a ready-made solution for delivering any of our regulatory content through datafeeds that can be uploaded to many of the leading EHS platform providers or an internal management system. The Enhesa XML datafeeds provide Enhesa’s regulatory expertise and services in a format that can be imported into specific EHS compliance and audit modules to be used seamlessly as part of your integrated approach to EHS management.

The EnhesaXML datafeeds can contain any combination of our services, including lists of EHS legislation, regulatory summaries, and regulatory requirements. The datafeeds also feature applicability screening questions to help tailor the information that is imported into the software, as well as the ability to review updated content on a regular basis in order to stay on top of changing regulations and requirements.

Simple Pricing Structure

All of our services are priced per jurisdiction on an annual basis. Most importantly, there are no user fees.

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