Enhesa Earth Day resources: Align your chemistry with the future.

This #EarthDay, consider your compliance with the latest in toxicology and chemicals management – and prepare for new restrictions, today. We share insights from our ToxPlanet and Scivera experts into greener, more sustainable chemistry for your products and processes (all year long).

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Be confident in your choice of sustainable chemicals with resources about:

#InvestInOurFuture through the chemistry choices you make today.

We’ve all heard that the future is defined by the choices we make today. That’s certainly true for chemicals. For your products and processes. Not only is awareness of what is safe (or not) consistently changing, but so is the regulatory landscape around that understanding.

What is certified today, isn’t guaranteed to be so tomorrow. And to keep up, your business needs to see further ahead – what could change in chemicals requirements, certifications, assessments, restrictions, and more.

This Earth Day, the theme is to invest in our future, invest in our planet. And we’re here to empower your business to do just that. Check out the essential resources from Enhesa Sustainable Chemistry below to move towards safer, more sustainable, greener chemistry.

Regulations & restrictions

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PFAS: Not a new story but maybe a new outcome?

Only if you try a new way to address them – read about the proactive, design-oriented approach.

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The Impact of the EU’s chemical strategy for sustainability

If you can’t show verified and complete Chemical Hazard Assessments for products, they can’t be sold in the EU. What does that mean for you?

Webinar: The EU green deal (part 2) – a new hope for safer chemistry

An overview of the focal points of the Deal and how it may impact your business.

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EPA Proposes Significant New Use Rules Under TSCA for Multiple Chemical Substances

An overview of SNURs and look at the corresponding substances for which the SNURs have been proposed.

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EU Green Deal & your business

From an impact overview to a deep dive into the chemical strategy


EPA Releases First Year Progress Report for PFAS Strategic Roadmap

Looking at key principles on which the EPA’s PFAS management efforts focus plus the roadmap ahead.

25 April: Join us at the Chemical Watch PFAS Global 2023

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Join Jillian Stacy, Business Manager for Enhesa Sustainable Chemistry, for an overview of how to keep an eye on PFAS in your supply chain – including lesser-known risks of PFAS in from suppliers and even in your own operations.

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Assessments & certifications


How can we successfully scale up certifications?

The answer lies in looking at – and seeing – chemical information differently.


The Future of Certifications

Program changes that show the shift in certification trends – and the impacts of changing requirements.

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New Pilot Project Report Finds Many Waste-Recovered Substances Not in Compliance with REACH

Key project findings relative to REACH Article 2(7)(d) compliance.

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EPA Releases New IRIS Program Outlook Document

An updated outlook of activities for the program relative to particular chemical substances.

Supply chain transparency & best practices

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Webinar: Supply chain transparency

Gather data efficiently, protect confidential business information, and understand the chemical ingredient characteristics of the chemicals in your products and processes.


Building a Robust Chemicals Policy and Program from the Ground Up

Former Head of Sustainable Chemicals at Kingfisher PLC shares his experience in gaining valuable insights across the supply chain.

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How to incorporate greener chemistry into your company’s sustainability practices

Its complexity has kept green chemistry out of the sustainability conversation – but the regulatory call for it is loud and clear.


NEW BALANCE case study

How they implemented a successful chemicals management program, one day at a time.