Enhesa Earth Day resources: Sustainable product safety management, every day

This #EarthDay, we’re empowering you with regulatory intelligence so you can take active steps to invest in our planet. Read these news and  insights from our Chemical Watch experts for making safer, more sustainable decisions in your chemicals management.


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Earth Day to #InvestInOurPlanet: See the bigger picture for your business.

Anyone working with chemicals knows that protecting our planet requires more than just one day. While Earth Day is a moment to reflect on where we stand and where we want to go, the reality is that product safety professionals work towards this objective every day of the year.

As the call for businesses to invest in our future grows louder (from both the public and governing authorities), the regulatory landscape framing how to do so is becoming increasingly complex. It’s hard to keep up with, and even harder to take a step back to see your business’ impact in the broader scheme of sustainability.

What’s the latest on PFAS and TSCA restrictions? How will the EU chemicals strategy for sustainability impact your business? What’s changing in chemicals management for your industry? Our Enhesa Product experts from Chemical Watch have you covered on today’s hottest topics – check out the resources below!

PFAS in products

Copper cable wire used in electrical installation

Proposed EU PFAS restriction may remove critical applications – industry

Trade bodies pledge to ‘double efforts’ to argue for more derogations at consultations.


PFAS Regulatory Developments: News and insight from around the world

Download this free report to read about some of the most significant regulatory developments concerning PFAS around the world in recent months.

Iron and steel industry

What’s on the US horizon for PFAS-containing goods this year?

The PFAS issue has become one of the hottest topics of the day, with regulation and litigation on the increase.


EU PFAS restriction proposal applicable to all uses of more than 10,000 substances

The proposal aims to place limits on all uses of more than 10,000 PFASs – significantly more than the 4,700 that had previously been identified.

25 April: PFAS Global 2023 – Chemical Watch virtual conference

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EU chemicals strategy for sustainability


Ambitious plan to meet 2050 green goals

A sweeping plan that lists more than 150 actions to help industry and authorities meet the Green Deal and digital goals by 2050.


EU chemicals strategy: From vision to implementation

Implementing the EU chemicals strategy hinges on a mix of legislative proposals, targeted amendments to existing regulatory instruments, and ‘softer’ initiatives, all grouped under 5 main pillars of action.

Woman wraps piece of cheese lying on plastic tray in transparent food film.

First tested substances fail to pass EU SSbD framework

Tests on the 6 plasticisers, carried out by the JRC have revealed that data gaps could be a major stumbling block in identifying SSbD substances.

motion blurred of rider ride bicycle with neon light background

What’s in store for the EU’s chemicals strategy?

Insight article by Europe managing editor, Leigh Stringer, outlines the key developments expected this year under the ambitious programme.

TSCA updates

NYC Park Avenue Long Exposure of Street Traffic at Night

What should we expect from TSCA in 2023

North America managing editor Kelly Franklin examines big developments, including proposed rules to address ‘unreasonable risks’ for high-profile substances.


Industry renews call for EPA to reinstate TSCA inventory corrections process

‘Devastating supply chain disruptions’ possible without policy for nomenclature errors.


What implications could a US EPA lawsuit have for the TSCA programme?

Read the possible effects of a case filed by the US EPA against a company providing fluorinated surface treatments for plastic containers.


US EPA plans to ‘reimagine’ TSCA risk evaluations in light of budget constraints

Agency seeks efficiencies through reliance on existing science, staggered prioritisation.

Industry-specific issues


Chemicals in cosmetics and personal care products

Read about our new era in the management of cosmetics, personal care products and their ingredients.


Biocides and the BPR: Follow every development

Ongoing concerns around the risks of biocides products to human health and the environment make biocidal regulation a focus for policymakers.


Chemicals in food contact materials

Read about concerns over the chemicals that go into FCMs has led to a flurry of regulatory action.


Risks in your electrical and electronic products

It’s never been more important for manufacturers to understand what their products are made of – not only for compliance, but also circularity and sustainability.