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A glimpse into Global Guidance

Take a sneak peek into Enhesa’s Global Guidance solution, with this select sustainability topic update.

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We monitor over 400 sustainability instruments from across the world, so you don’t have to. 

Our Global Guidance solution is a forward-looking information guide, providing comprehensive global coverage of major sustainability developments. We deliver significant industry agnostic updates and requirement summaries — presented in a standardized taxonomy of sustainability topics — all in a single, centralized platform for ease-of-access.

Comprehensive coverage of ESG

From climate change and corporate culture, through energy management and human rights, to whistleblower protection and waste management, Global Guidance covers the major environment, social, and governance topics — not to mention all the subtopics therein!


See for yourself

In Focus provides a small glimpse of how much insight you can gain for a single topic from Global Guidance Updates to elevate your sustainability program.

Download your free copy today to get an idea of how deep we dive on a breadth of ESG topics.


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References 400+ voluntary and mandatory global frameworks, conventions and organizations



Forward-looking information about new developments, proposed regulations, and changes in requirements



Easy to understand, easy to apply guidance that simplifies sustainability topics


Easy integration across business functions for greater sustainability confidence


A standardized, centralized view of all topics in one dashboard

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Get ahead of the curve with your corporate sustainability

Want to develop a forward-thinking sustainability program for your business?

You need comprehensive regulatory insights, like those provided by Enhesa’s Global Guidance.

Download In Focus today to see just how much detail you can give your teams access to while seamlessly integrating sustainability practices across your organization.