Regulatory Baseline: Manage your Legal Registers actively

  • Empower your local teams,
  • Search full-text regulations and citations,
  • Track final-rule regulatory changes,
  • Create new or migrate your existing legal registers.

Streamline EHS compliance management with Regulatory Baseline.

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The ever-changing regulatory landscape is challenging only when you are not updated and prepared. With Regulatory Baseline, there are no more knowledge gaps.  

Help your local teams adapt and be clear as they access granular details of applicable regulations and citations. With daily email notifications and strike-through amendments, they can now monitor regulatory changes more efficiently to keep sites up to date and build a resilient risk management strategy. 

Create and manage legal registers to keep your organization EHS complaint globally. Actively learn and adapt to regulatory changes and work towards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 certifications.

With Regulatory Baseline, you can…


Maintain active legal registers

Select and work directly with the legislations down to the citations, in your local language.


Track all changes

Easily compare old and new legislation at regulation and citation level.


Know right away

Receive daily emails and notifications about applicable and final changes.


Find what you want

Search full-text regulations and citations. Filter results by agency, title, jurisdiction, date, and more.


Visualize applicability

See the legislations that apply to the facilities on the dashboard when integrated with Compliance Intelligence.


Get expert support

Count on our experts to support your existing legal registers’ migration – and maximize results with more active compliance management.

Are you ready to make your Legal Registers hard for you?

A dedicated team member will schedule a demo, tailored to the needs of your team and organization. We are excited to help you in your journey of achieving compliance excellence.  

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