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The regulatory forecaster helps you keep track of regulatory topics across worldwide jurisdictions that matter most to you.

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Discover features of the EHS Regulatory Forecaster for a future-proof EHS compliance strategy:

  • Never miss out on new EHS proposals: Save your highlights amongst Enhesa’s comprehensive coverage to get weekly updates.
  • Your compliance within reach: Search and save specific regulatory information by jurisdiction or by topic.
  • Take your next compliance steps : Filter topics and add specific countries you want to keep track of.
  • Understand the context of the legislation: Know where the emerging issue comes from and how you should prepare your organization.

Stay ahead of the ever-changing EHS regulatory compliance agenda

Knowing what is coming and what you need to do to be prepared is key when it comes to new EHS regulatory developments. Enhesa’s extensive EHS Regulatory Forecaster service guides you through the worldwide regulatory maze and helps you stay on top of what matters most to your business – anywhere, anytime.

In-depth regulatory intelligence – in one easy-to-use dashboard


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Benefits of forecasting regulatory compliance laws


Stay ahead

Keep your company ahead of the curve and on top of the ever-changing regulatory agenda.


Comprehensive coverage

Find what you need in an always up-to-date, AI-powered index of laws, proposals and policies. Beyond legislation.


At your fingertips

Have all information and guidance at hand, anytime, anyplace, any device.


Understand the impact

Know what you need to know and do. Understand the impact to your business and identify next steps.


Time saving

Save and tag your searches and filters to keep track of those regulatory issues your company cares about most.

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