SciveraLENS Rapid Screen Update (May 13, 2022): Colors and Certificate Requests


We have been looking forward to this next update for a long time!

One of the ways that many of you use SciveraLENS is to support and prepare for product certification. SciveraLENS is a fantastic tool to provide efficient data gathering, list screening, and chemical hazard assessments that are critical to many certification programs. In addition, we offer the added benefit of allowing users to prescreen their certification scores prior to submitting for the certification process. But there are always ways to improve.

Now in SciveraLENS when you send a request, you will have the option to identify if you will be needing additional information for required for certification.


By selecting this check box as part of the request process, your suppliers will be provided with system guidance on which fields are required in order to meet the certification disclosure requirements and will not be able to proceed with their share until all required fields are completed. We have also added a review screen prior to completing a response so suppliers can confirm that they have met 100% ingredient and impurity disclosure, completed all required fields for SCIL function, designation, type, and others, and attached any required documentation.

If you are responding to a request in SciveraLENS where this option has been selected, you’ll have the chance to review your response prior to submitting to ensure that you have met all disclosure requirements needed:


While it may not eliminate the need to follow up with suppliers for additional disclosure, this new feature should significantly cut down the time and effort required to go back and forth on disclosure requirements.

If you have requests in progress that have not been completed yet and you need to meet disclosure requirements for certification, you can edit these requests to require the additional information using the checkbox.


You may also notice our new SciveraLENS logo and updated colors!