Evelyn Chuang

Regional Expert – China

Evelyn Chuang

Evelyn Chuang has been working with Enhesa since 2017. She received her LL.B. in Financial-Economic Law from National Taipei University; MS in Public Health from National Yang-Ming University; and LL.M in Global Health Law from Georgetown University Law Center. 

As Enhesa’s Regional Expert for China, Evelyn facilitates the training and quality improvement projects for the team and develops regional practice and guidance documents. She works hard to ensure the regional practice aligns with Enhesa’s overall quality standards. Evelyn is an important liaison at Enhesa for the latest developments in compliance intelligence from China. 

Evelyn has a special interest in labor protection and occupational health. She is also dedicated to learning new things, skills, and knowledge every day, and to sharing her enthusiasm for consulting work and exploring more beyond her profession. 

Before joining the Enhesa team, Evelyn started her career as a legal specialist in a local pharmaceutical company in Taipei. She then worked as an Associate Reviewer for Taiwan FDA, Division of Medical Devices and Cosmetics, in legal and policy affairs for about four years. Her interest in product compliance comes from her past industry and regulator’s experience. Evelyn is always happy to share her professional insights in this area.  

“I hope I can help our clients look into the EHS compliance world through the eyes of a green and sustainable envision. I want to help advocate for environmental sustainability and occupational safety to the people in real life around us.”

Evelyn is also a regulatory consultant and provides EHS compliance solutions for clients interested in regulatory development in China, Taiwan, and Singapore.  

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