Gabriela Troncoso Alarcon

Senior Expert Services Manager

Gabriela Troncoso Alarcón

Gabriela Troncoso Alarcon has been with Enhesa since 2015. As the Senior Expert Services Manager, she advises companies on the implementation and roll out of environmental, health and safety compliance programs and also on the implementation and design of an ESG strategy. Her work enables clients to comply with confidence and contribute to a better, safer and more sustainable world.

She has sound knowledge in regulatory compliance affairs since she has previously worked as an in-house lawyer. Her educational background is in law, and holds a Master of Laws degree (LLM) on Globalization and Law specializing in Corporate and Commercial Law from Maastricht University. Gabriela has also received her Certificate on Sustainability Reporting.

“One of my passions that has connected very well with my role at Enhesa is public speaking. I like to pass on the knowledge and experience gained by solving clients’ needs on specific issues they come across in their business operation. For example, I have scoped, performed, and delivered different projects allowing clients to focus on their business and advance their EHS programs and Sustainability objectives.”

Specifically, Gabriela shares her passion for ESG and sustainable finance, due to her background on corporate and commercial law.

“EHS is the beginning and the strong foundation for sustainability reporting and the disclosures the financial market is looking for. I do believe sustainable finance is bringing EHS to the center of attention through ESG and corporate reporting is the instrument.”

As part of her current role, Gabriela has carried out on-site projects in France, Denmark, Netherlands, and Germany. She is fluent in Spanish, English, and French.

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