Marion Kerestedjian

Subject Matter Expert in Sustainability & ESG

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Marion Kerestedjian has been with Enhesa since 2021. She holds an LLM Degree in Environmental Law. She now proudly supports the team as the Subject Matter Expert in Sustainability & ESG. 

By providing insightful information to companies on the latest EHS and ESG trends and developing accessible and up-to-date legal content, Marion strives to secure their regulatory compliance and best practices. Her and Enhesa’s mission is to improve the long-term engagement of the industry towards a fair environmental and social transition. 

Marion enjoys working in the Enhesa environment, as she gets to work in a field of expertise that inspires her and gives her the drive to positively impact society. 

The topics she is most passionate about are environmental issues and climate change mitigation in general. She has published a relevant article in the “The World Trade Organization and Carbon Market Clubs,” a publication directed by Pr. Rafael Leal Arcas. 

When asked about her hopes and vision for the future, Marion said, “I feel hopeful and optimistic about the capacity of the industry to achieve a smooth transition to a more sustainable production. Thanks to an always evolving legal framework, historical polluters worldwide are becoming more aware that there is now both a financial and legal impulse in mitigating their contribution to environmental damages and upholding a more sustainable world.” 

Marion believes that her work at Enhesa and the work of her peers will continue to give the industry the tools to take an active role in this global transition and stay ahead of regulatory compliance through Enhesa’s relentless efforts to cover an increasing number of jurisdictions and topics and undertake always deeper tracking and screening. 


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