Michiel Scholberg

Alliances Manager

Michiel Scholberg

Michiel Scholberg has been with Enhesa since 2021 and currently supports the team as Strategic Alliances Manager. 

Prior to Enhesa he worked in IT consulting as business unit manager and obtained a  MSc in Economics in Brussels. In his role Michiel is responsible for growing and nurturing Enhesa strategic software platforms and service partner relationships. 

By working cross-functionally with commercial, product, and service teams, he ensures that all stakeholders are in sync and working towards a common EHS, and sustainability compliance goal. He actively maintains current industry expertise by regularly attending key conferences and engaging with the latest research publications. This ongoing commitment ensures Michiel stays abreast of emerging trends and innovations within the field.  

His dynamic and engaging public speaker skills in English, Dutch, German or French,  make him an ideal choice to inspire, educate and entertain your next event. 

When asked about his hopes and vision for the future, Michiel responded, “I hope for continued innovation and technological advancements that can help address environmental challenges, improve workplace safety, and drive sustainable development.” 

Michiel believes that his work at Enhesa and the work of his peers will continue to increase collaboration and partnerships between companies, governments, NGOs, and other stakeholders to address complex environmental and social issues collectively, such as improved interoperability between GRI, ESRS, and ISSB. 

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