Nhat Nguyen

Chief Analyst

Nhat Nguyan

Nhat Nguyen has been with Enhesa since 2018. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, a Juris Doctor (JD), and is a licensed US attorney. He now supports the team as the Chief Analyst.

By empowering companies and their teams to understand, plan and act to meet health, safety, and environmental regulatory requirements and challenges, Nhat drives the concept that going beyond compliance is great for business because it provides sustainability for the company, builds brand reputation, and lead to product innovation and market growth.

Nhat enjoys helping to further and champion the work enterprises actively trying to make their products safer for the environment and human health. These companies are solving some of the most significant environmental, health, and safety issues facing our current and future generations.

The two EHS topics he is most passionate about include environmental and human health issues, especially how products that we use contribute to those issues. He has been invited as a speaker at CW’s customers company meetings, trade shows, trade association meetings, and global conferences- including those organised by Chemical Watch Events & Trainings, ChemCon, 3E Engage, Smithers’ Food Contact and Cleaning Products Conferences, etc.

When asked about his hopes and vision for the future, Nhat responded, ” I firmly believe that industries have the greatest impacts in shaping the policies relating to the environment and human health. The work that my team and I do will aid companies in realizing that true environmentally safe products are credible market disrupters and are ultimately good for the environment and the business.”

Nhat believes that his work at Enhesa Productand the work of his peers will continue to shape how sound business decisions are or could be made – those that benefit both the bottom line and the environment and a better quality of life for everyone.

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