Nidia Calvo Mendez

Americas Managing Analyst

Nidia Mariana Calvo Mendez

Nidia Calvo Mendez has been with Enhesa’s Enhesa since January 2023. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree on Environmental Engineering from the Western Institute of Technology and Higher Education and a Masters Degree on Environmental Planning and Management from the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education. Before she joined Chemical Watch, Nidia worked with two consultant firms in Guadalajara, Mexico and also spent 18 years working in the electronics industry arena. She now supports the team as Managing Analyst in the Americas.

Nidia assists companies by sharing her expertise on the application, comparison and knowledge of the existing regulations for different countries. By helping companies navigate the chemical regulatory landscape, Nidia enables them to become more efficient businesses, through more informed decision-making.

Nidia enjoys the diverse nature of her work, the range of topics, scopes and people involved. She also enjoys the opportunity to work with people from many different industries and backgrounds both inside and outside Enhesa.

When asked about her hopes and vision for the future, Nidia responded by saying: “I foresee topics in different regions being addressed in different stages, From PFAS, to nano substances, hazardous chemicals, registration, notification, and restriction, to name a few. The different approaches that every region and country gives to these topics enrich the conversation and in other cases complicates also the distribution of products.”

Nidia believes her work at Enhesa Product and the work of her team will continue to grow and become more dynamic in the coming years as industries need to be aware of regulatory changes.

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