Rahul Ramesh

EHS Regulatory Consultant Australia  

Rahul Ramesh

Rahul Ramesh has been with Enhesa since 2021. He is an Australian lawyer and holds a Bachelor of Laws as well as a Bachelor of Commerce (economics major). Rahul now proudly supports the team as an EHS Regulatory Consultant for Australia . 

By ensuring that industry is on top of and prepared for all EHS and ESG legal developments, Rahul helps to guarantee high protection standards for all relevant workers, across all industries, in addition to the environment at large. 

Rahul enjoys working with like-minded, inspiring, and passionate colleagues from all across the globe to help build a more positive future – whether contributing to high standards of work health and safety or preserving and protecting the environment from industrial harm. 

The EHS topics he is most passionate about is machinery safety and air pollution, and from an ESG perspective, it is climate change, biodiversity, and human rights. He has published several articles and thought leadership content on these topics within Enhesa’s content library.  

When asked about his hopes and vision for the future, Rahul envisions “A future where companies are forward-looking and prioritize worker health and core ESG principles to help build a more sustainable, safe, and inclusive world for all generations, present and into the future.” 

Rahul believes that his work at Enhesa and the work of his peers is helping demystify the increasingly complex and heavily regulated field of legal compliance, simplifying all the updates so businesses can respond and update their processes quickly and efficiently. He also believes that with the assistance of Enhesa, companies can broaden their goals to work towards building more inclusive communities and workplaces by giving value to minority and vulnerable groups such as indigenous groups. 

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