Shimshon Roth

Regulatory & Compliance AnalystAfrica and the Middle East

Shimshon Roth

Shimshon Roth has been working with Enhesa since 2021. He holds a BS in Agricultural Sciences and a BS in Medical Sciences from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and Completed the first UNITAR training on GHS classification and labelling of chemicals. He now supports the Enhesa Product team as a Regulatory and Compliance Analyst focusing on Africa and the Middle East.  

By assisting companies in understanding their chemical legislation obligations, Shimshon helps them prepare adequately the mandatory legislative requirements in their target market countries. 

The topic he is most passionate about is GHS classification and labelling of chemicals, in particular the work to standardize the definition of the dangers posed by chemicals to humans and the environment. This contributes to the understanding of the scope of the consequences of the use of chemicals on human health and identifies where there are knowledge gaps about the effects of chemical use. 

When asked about his hopes and vision for the future, Shimshon responded I hope the risk management standards practiced in developed countries will be adopted in developing countries. There is no justification for the people of Africa and the Middle East to receive lower levels of safety and health than those in the European Union and other developed countries. We develop global regulatory comparison data tools to help businesses understand the requirements of legislation in different regions These tools also highlight the differences in legislation between developing and developed countries and create incentives to reduce the gaps.” 

Shimshon enjoys working with a team of Regulatory and Compliance Analysts at Enhesa Product and believes the smooth cooperation of the team has a positive impact on the the quality of the work the team produces.  

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